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B3W2D1 Tuesday

No description

English4callcenters .com

on 15 March 2016

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Transcript of B3W2D1 Tuesday

Fluency diet review
Pair up and answer the questions below. Then, your coach will select some students to go to the front
What did you do ____?

What will you do_____?


Grammar review
Your coach will explain to you the grammar. Pay attention

was/were + present participle
was ( I ,he,she,it or singular objects)
were ( you,we,they or plural objects)
I was eating
You were eating
He was eating
She was eating
It was eating
We were eating
They were eating
I was not eating
You were not eating
He was not eating
She was not eating
it was not eating
We were not eating
They were not eating
Was I eating?
Were you eating?
Was he eating?
Was she eating?
Was it eating?
Were we eating?
Were they eating?

Stand up, go outside the classroom and pay attention to at least 5 actions.
What was happening outside?
Well some students
were practicing
English, the receptionist
was typing
, some customers
were asking
for information , other students
were waiting
for their classes to start, the guard
was standing
at the parking lot and a girl
was going
to the bathroom.
Role play
Make couples, practice the role play and act it out
Important words connectors
Give your own sentences using these connectors
I was calling you
you were watching tv

I was taking a shower
you called me
Role play
You didn't do your homework, explain to your coach why.

You are the coach, check homework.
Make couples, practice the role play and act it out
Build up a story in past
One student begins the story and the other continues with the same story
Mental Training
Practice your mental training with your coach and repeat with confidence

Watch video #6
Repeat with confidence:
"I am a champion"
"English is very easy"
"I am successful"
Class activity
Interrogate the driver about what happened. Ask for driver's license and if the excuse is not good, take him/her to jail.
Yesterday I was .........when..... and after.......
Start using past progressive
Story retelling
Watch the video and then retell what happened in your own words.
A couple was fighting...
Your coach will select 1 or 2 students to go to the front and they will do a recap
Describe in your own words what you did since you walked into E4CC until now
at the beginning of the class.....
You just had a car accident, explain to the police what happened.
Grammar Review
Understand how to use Simple Past
Grammar Test
Solve the following test using the grammar you have learned
Fluency Diet Review
Review the stars/goal/melody and have all the students practice the repetitions
What kind of...?
How long...?
How often...?
Practice WH questions
30 seconds non-stop
Remember to use natural words:
Let me see / let me think, actually, probably
Fill in the blanks
(Game of the verbs)
Grammar review
Your coach will explain the past tense pronunciation rules. Pay attention
Divide the class into two groups and ask them to write a list of 10 verbs.
Each group will select a member who will do mimics of the other group's verbs list and act them out.
The rest of the group will guess the verb and give a sentence using simple past. If the verb and sentence is correct, they will receive a point.
1. Texted
a) T
b) D
c) ID

2. Missed
a) T
b) D
c) ID

3. Added
a) T
b) D
c) ID

4. Grabbed
a) T
b) D
c) ID

5. Chatted
a) T
b) D
c) ID
Grammar Test
Solve the following test by selecting the correct ED sound
1. I ____ to music last night
a) listen
b) listened
c) listening

2) I ___ a noise in the afternoon.
a) heard
b) heared
c) hearing

3) Did you ___ a shower?
a) taking
b) take
c) took
4. She ___ a rose for you.
a) cutted
b) cutting
c) cut

5. ____ use your car yesterday?

a) Do you
b) Did you
c) You did
Grammar Test
Solve the following test using the grammar you have learned
Find the mistake
1. John did worked the whole night
2. I didn't played last Tuesday.
3. Did you came yesterday?
4. We drived for 3 hours.
5. You did do your homework?
Story retelling
Make couples and practice with your partners
Tell me about your favorite movie
Grammar Test
Solve the following test using the grammar you have learned
Find the mistake
1. I did buy a soda for you.
2. My grandparents studyed at UES.
3. You did prepare the dinner?
4. She didn't took a shower.
5. He didn't calls me.
Well, first I
woke up
very early, then I
my teeth, after I
a shower and I
got dressed
, later I
to the mall with my friends and in the afternoon I
for 2 hours, after That I
dinner with my family, and I went to sleep. On Sunday, I
to church with my family and after that we
lunch together.
to play soccer with my friends and when i
back home I
a shower and had dinner. Finally I
to sleep.
Tell me about yourself -
1 rep

What are your plans for tomorrow?
1 rep
Describe your dad.
1 rep
Tell me about your last weekend
- 7 reps
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