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ABC Paragraphs

A paragraph writing method for upper-level writing.

Kathryn Wetzel

on 20 August 2018

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Transcript of ABC Paragraphs

ABC Paragraphs
C: Commentary
Write comments that connect your A and your B.

For every one B, write a minimum of three sentences for C.

Use "Commentary Starters" sentence frames to help you get started.
Cornell Notes
Topic/Objective: Writing
Essential Questions: What is an ABC Paragraph? How do I write one?
Notes: record information that I give you in the presentation here
Questions: after the presentation, write any questions you have
Summary: after the presentation, summarize the information presented
A: Assertion
assert: to state with assurance, confidence, or force; state strongly or positively; affirm.

This is the topic sentence / main idea / thesis / controlling idea

Use the format topic + opinion = assertion
Ex: topic - smoking
Opinion: should be outlawed
Smoking poses a serious threat to people's health and should be outlawed.
B: Back-up
This is the EVIDENCE for your assertion.

Must be a direct quote AND cited.

Must be integrated. No quote-dropping.

Quote Integration
"Integrated" means that your quote flows with some sort of introduction - it's not just dropped in your paragraph. THIS IS MY PET PEEVE!
The text reads,
The author writes,
This is shown when
For instance/example
According to the text...
Based on information from the text

Quote Citation
EVERY TIME you use a quote, you must CITE it. To cite is to include the author and page/paragraph number, if you have it.

Follow this format: "This is a quote. Quotes are fun" (Clark 5).

Note the punctuation: there is no period or comma after "fun." Instead, the period goes AFTER and OUTSIDE the parenthesis.
warm-up #4
Write at least 5 sentences that answer this question: How much impact does society have on your behavior? MUCH impact because… / SOME impact because… / LITTLE impact because… Choose one option and elaborate.
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