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why is reading important ?

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Areej Al-Suwaida

on 5 September 2015

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Transcript of why is reading important ?

- get more knowledge and Increased vocabulary

- Exercise our Brain

- understand different ways of life

Why we buy a newspaper when we can watch the news on TV ?

Why we buy a novel or a biography in print form , when we can listen to it on audio disk ?

Why we care to instruction manuals when it’s all explained via video on YouTube ?

Is there any need for the printed word ?

(Glen Stansberry , 2008)

“reading increases our vocabulary and improves our spelling more than talking or direct teaching”

why is reading important ?
(Maryanne Wolf , the director of the Center for Reading and Language Research at Tufts University)

“There is a many riches for reading , it is gives us a chance to realization more than any other way”
more reading
more open in our thinking
research in the journal Neurology

The study is included
participant found that those who engaged in mentally stimulating activities (
such as reading
) earlier and later on in life slower memory decline compared to those who didn't

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