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Facebook for Business

No description

Megan Adams

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Facebook for Business

Facebook 101:
Marketing Your Business on Facebook Why Create a Facebook Page for your Brand? How Facebook Pages work Create Your Facebook Page Grow Your Following Facebook Insights Facebook Customization Gives your brand a voice!

Gives brands an opportunity to connect with their
audience (clients) & vice versa

Provides brands with the opportunities to better
share with their audience and build long lasting
relationships with them Visibility!

Every day millions of people log-on to Facebook to connect with friends, causes, brands and businesses.

It's where your audience is...(and competition)

More than 30 billion pieces of content (links, news, blog posts, notes, photos, etc.) are shared each month Branding your page YOUTUBE VIDEO How to share content YOUTUBE VIDEO How people connect with you and your page YOUTUBE VIDEO How you administer your page YOUTUBE VIDEO Determine your page's strategy What’s your story?
Who is your audience?
What are your goals? Create your posting plan Determine who will be posting on your page’s behalf

Determine your “voice” & keep consistent

Be personal, not salesy Create your page YOUTUBE VIDEO Posting on your page Personal is better.

Pages with a “first-person” voice
that is personal (not promotional)
resonates the most with their
audience. Create a conversation.

Create calls to action: urge people to post/comment/like Use photos/visuals Facebook Events Share relevant links Celebrate milestones Share exclusive content
(behind the scenes) Leverage your existing Facebook community Share your page Use contact importer Leverage your existing network Add “like” box (social plugin) to website/blog Usernames enable you to better market on Facebook. They are your custom URL and can you use them on your business cards, brochures, email signature. Select a username for your page YOUTUBE VIDEO Add call to action on traditional marketing materials Install the Facebook comments plug in on your blog posts so visitors can comment on those items and also share those comments with their friends on Facebook. Cross-promotion Tag! YOUTUBE VIDEO Partner with other like-minded organizations to help cross-promote and share information YOUTUBE VIDEO Facebook ads & promoted posts YOUTUBE VIDEOS Custom applications Landing tabs Create a welcome landing page tab that
encourages people to Like your Page or offers an offering/incentive. YOUTUBE VIDEO My favorite programs and applications to help customize your Facebook page My favorites See how your page is growing

See how people are finding your page

Your audience’s demographics

See which posts that are the most popular

Determine which content is the most popular Use Facebook Insights to: YOUTUBE VIDEO Thank-you! YOUTUBE VIDEO Pinning Scheduling posts *new feature* Location Highlighting posts
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