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Independent Study Project

No description

Joe Pizzazi

on 27 May 2010

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Transcript of Independent Study Project

Calculating My Personal Carbon Dioxide FootPrint My CO2 Emissions Can Be Divided Into Four Categories Recycling and Waste, Transportation, and Home Energy. Food and Diet, Emissions in This Category Make up 15.1% of the Average American's CO2 Output

Emissions in This Category Make up 22.3% of My Overall CO2 Output My Breakdown: 3.8%

Average U.S. Statistic: 4.4% My Output: 37.5%

Average American's Output: 44.3% My Output: 36.4%

Average American's Output: 36.2% So... What's the Big Picture? My Emissions are Above Average in 2 of the 4 Categories: Food and Diet and Home Energy

My Emissions are Below Average in the remaining 2 Categories: Transportation and Recycling and Waste What simple tasks can be done to reduce my carbon emissions?

1) Reduce my intake of red meat and processed foods.
2) Install draft blockers underneath doors and windows.
3) Use a programmable thermostat to reduce energy expenditure on heating and cooling. My carbon dioxide output was calculated to be
15.2 tons, well below the average American output of 20 tons. However, compare this to the average global output of 4 tons per person per year, and you see that I have room for improvement.
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