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Creating the Constitution

No description

Tylor Nester

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Creating the Constitution

Create a Venn diagram
Note the similarities and differences between each proposed role for its legislature, judicial, and executive elements
Differences in the outer circle and similarities in the overlapping circle Virginia Plan and
New Jersey Plan Many had fought in the Revolution The Framers Creating the Constitution Congress was forbidden to tax exported goods from any state
Forbid Congress to act against the slave trade for 20 years
Could not interfere with the migration or importation of any slave until 1808
Article I, Section 9, Clause 1 banned the importation of slaves in 1808, and in 1820 declared the slave trade to be piracy Commerce and Slave Trade Compromise 3/5 Compromise This compromise was so pivotal to the writing of the Constitution that it is often called the Great Compromise Connecticut Compromise May 25 George Washington was elected as president of the convention
Delegates worked in secrecy to protect from outside pressure
James Madison’s notes allows us to know what happened during the convention
Originally, the convention was to revise the Article of Confederation
Early on the framers redefined their purpose and instead worked to create a new constitution and government Organization and Procedure OBJECTIVES Identify the framers of the Constitution and discuss how delegates organized the proceedings at the Philadelphia Convention.
Compare and contrast the Virginia Plan and the New Jersey Plan for a new constitution.
Summarize the major compromises that the delegates agreed to make and the effects of those compromises.
Identify some of the sources from which the Framers of the Constitution drew inspiration. May 25, 1787, Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 12 of the 13 States 55 of the 74 elected delegates showed up Group of delegates that showed up to the Philadelphia Convention were know as the Framers List two framers and describe their importance. Virginia Plan New Jersey Plan Congress would be made up of two houses Senate would represent each state equally The House would be based on population
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