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The Wide Awake Princess

No description

Mike Ellis

on 16 September 2012

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Transcript of The Wide Awake Princess

What if, when Sleeping Beauty
her finger, her "handsome prince" had no identification yet... What if the one person still awake was her younger, unprincess-like sister. . . What would happen??? What does happen is in a very special book... . . . called The Wide Awake Princess Gwendolyn Liam Setting E.D. Baker The Princess and the Frog "They reached the crossroads where the inn was located without seeing anyone. While the hostler led their horses to he stables, Liam went in search of the innkeeper to arrange for rooms and a bath for the princess. Hearing a crowd in the taproom, Annie peeked through the doorway. Travelers sitting down to an early supper already occupied most of the tabels. She smiled at the first curious glances, but then realized they were looking at her swamp- stained clothes and messy hair. She stepped outside to wait for Liam. Two men stood by the entrance to the stabels, watching the inn. When they noticed Annie they started coming towards her. one of them asked "Princess Annabelle?" Yes?" she replied. Instantly, they threw a bag over her head and tied her hands together. She kicked and tried to scream untill she was knocked in the head with something. With a soft moan, Annie collapsed in a heap at their feet."
- The Wide Awake Princess Here is a little part of the story you might enjoy... ""Neither good nor bad magic can touch
her now," the fairy said as she tucked her wand back into her purse. "Annie's going to grow up a normal girl without magic to make her gracrful or sweet." Here's a quote from the fairy who cast the spell on Annie to make her untouchable by magic: You should denfinitely read this book. After all how could you not choose
" A completely new and fantastic story?"
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