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No description

Ayesha J

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of AMUSE YOURSELF

Amuse Yourself With Amuse Youself Tours BEST FUNNEST FAMOUS Hanlan's Point Hotel John Hanlan built a 25 room hotel Boardwalk Bandshell Midway Large Midway with a variety of rides and games Stadium Baseball and lacrosse Hanlan's Point Today Sunnyside Amusement Park

Construction •Cost was 13 million Attractions •The Sunnyside Flyer Roller-coaster was advertised to have the “dippiest-dip in the continent” Sunnyside Pavilion Bathing Pavilion Sunnyside Stadium Palais Royale/Dean’s Sunnyside Pleasure Boats Demolition •The carousel was moved to Disneyland and was renamed the King Arthur Carousel Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) History First called - Toronto Industrial Exhibition in 1879 attracts approx. 1.3 million people each year Rides And Games Special Events
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