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Barney Stinson: Carl Jung Analytical Psychology

No description

Kristin Spiegel

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Barney Stinson: Carl Jung Analytical Psychology

Barney Stinson: Carl Jung Analytical Psychology
Carl Jung
Born in 1875 in Switzerland
Lonely childhood, often ill
President of International Psychoanalytic Society
Split with Freud to create Analytical Psychology

Barney's Background
The Personal Unconscious
Conscious can only hold a few items at a time
Memories that have been put aside, but easily retrieved
Experiences that have been repressed or forgotten

Zach Rearick, Kristin Spiegel, Gabrielle Stephens, Emily Wake, Sharaya Woodmansee
The Collective Unconscious
Definition: Energy that does not change and motivates a person. (ex. Sex drive)
Barney’s libido is centered towards women who are very gullible. They have the beauty, but not the brains.
This source of energy comes from his past when his girlfriend cheated on him with a womanizing, businessman. He transformed into a replica of that man.

Psychological Type
Barney is an extroverted-sensing type of person. He is a pleasure seeker for new, exciting experiences.
His other strong attribute would be an extroverted-intuitive, meaning that he is an opportunist. He makes up creative ideas and decisions based on instincts rather than actual realities
Events occur near the same time and seem linked in meaning
More than simple coincidence
Acausal connecting principle
Simultaneous occurrence of two psychic states

goal – to reconcile unbalanced aspects of personality
Dialogue between the patient and doctor
Dreams were an important feature in his practice

Dream Analysis
Necessary for finding solutions
Didn’t believe in a general theory of how to analyze dreams
Books of What Your Dreams Mean
Dreams were a way for the unconscious and conscious to become harmonious with one another.

Active imagination bridges the gap between the two
Imagination, fantasy, dreams and meditation were ways that the client could bring their unconscious to the present

Depth Psychology
Find the motives behind the mental problems in order to find the cure
Wounded healer
Dealing with a patient who has similar wounds, they might transfer their wounds to the client

Character from "How I Met Your Mother"
Womanizer: goes after younger women with "daddy issues"
Works at Goliath Nation Bank, makes lots of $, but no one really knows what he does
Wears suits all the time (other than at funerals, because suits portray joy)
Took on wearing suits after a long time girlfriend broke with him for a corporate sellout
"The Bro Code" is his only rule to women.
Confident yet sensitive
"Suit up"
"Be Awesome"
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