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Copyright and Intellectual Property: Teaching Creatively

A presentation that would increase college students' knowledge of copyright in an engaging, interactive package.

Mason Yang

on 16 September 2014

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Transcript of Copyright and Intellectual Property: Teaching Creatively

Mason Yang
Assistant Professor, Librarian
Gail Flatness
Associate Professor, Librarian Copyright and Intellectual Property:
Teaching Creatively Copyright Education at Marymount All Marymount students will demonstrate that they can:
•Determine the extent of information needed
•Access the needed information effectively and efficiently
•Evaluate information and its sources critically
•Incorporate selected information into one’s knowledge base
•Use information effectively to accomplish a specific purpose
•Understand the economic, legal, and social issues surrounding the use of information, and access and use information ethically and legally
? What Outcomes and Experience 99% of the students say the information we presented was very useful or useful for completing their assignment
95% rate the sessions as excellent to very good as a learning experience
Instruction session on copyright added to IT110 curriculum
Librarian were invited to all IT110 classes to conduct instructions on copyright and intellectual properties. Future plans Recommend teaching faculty to add knowledge of copyright and intellectual properties as a learning objective of the IT110 course
Recommend teaching faculty to revise the rubric for grading the final project to include assessing the student’s ability to demonstrate their understanding of the legal use of images and multi-media material
Reinforcing the information at upper classes of IT program
Expanding the instruction to other majors and programs
Developing online tutorials and/or games as supplementary materials.
School of Arts and Sciences
School of Business Administration
School of Education and Human Services
Malek School of Health Professions
Library and Learning Services Private, Catholic, co-ed University How Library and Learning Services
Copyright Team Two librarians and one library staff
Review and update policies and procedures
Promote copyright awareness and education across campus Interior Design
Fashion Design
Literature 2009 Revision of the University’s Liberal Arts Core Teaching Faculty Focused on issues of attribution, plagiarism and correct citing
More recently on illegal downloading
Educating the faculty about Copyright LibGuides for Faculty with guidelines on fair use of all types of copyrighted material in the classroom
Faculty Workshops focusing on various issues that surround copyright and fair use in the classroom.
Faculty Students Student Handbook
Academic Integrity Tutorial Copyright Education Materials Copyright Education to Students Whom •know the difference between attribution and copyright
•be aware of the basics of copyright law
•be able to name some of the four factors that govern fair use
•know some avenues for finding “legal” images/music
IT110 Students Interactive Learning
Less lecture time
More discussions Pre_Instruction Quiz using Clickers
Review of intellectual property and copyright basics using Prezi
Introductions to exceptions and fair use
Discussing examples of questionable practices from YouTube and websites
Review of a LibGuide with material presented in class as well as links to various “Legal” sites
Exercise on finding a "legal" image online to be used in the final project
After_Instruction review quiz using Clickers
Conduct session evaluation that allows students to give us immediate feedback and suggestions for improvement. 75 Minutes http://www.slideshare.net/MasonYang/it-110-ice-breaker-and-final-review-clickers http://prezi.com/cfnrmzzbsght/copyright-and-intellectual-property/ http://www.slideshare.net/MasonYang/it-110-ice-breaker-and-final-review-clickers Final
Questions? http://www.marymount.edu/Media/Website%20Resources/documents/studentLife/studentDev/StudentHandbook.pdf http://marymount.edu/Media/Website%20Resources/catalog/undergraduate/university-requirements-and-the-liberal-arts-core.htm http://marymount.libguides.com/content.php?pid=115719&sid=1642531
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