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FTE Calculations

Full time equivalent calculations

David Wilkes

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of FTE Calculations

FTE Calculations Full Time Equivilant Full-time equivalent (FTE) represents a regular building occupant who spends 40 hours per week in the project building. Multiple shifts are included or excluded depending on the intent and requirements of the credit. Part-time or overtime occupants have FTE values based on their hours per week divided by 40. = Five FTE Workers Sustainable Sites
Credit 4.2 Provide secure bicycle racks and/or storage within 200 yards of a building entrance for 5% or more of all building users (measured at peak periods). Provide shower and changing facilities in the building, or within 200 yards of a building entrance, for 0.5% of full-time equivalent (FTE) occupants. If a building has one shower how many FTE's can it serve? If a buidling has a total of 90 full time equivilants, how many bike rack slots does it need to provide? Units of Measure - 4 Types of Hrs Productive Hours – hours charged to a project Paid Leave Hours: Overtime hours not in FTE Leave W/O pay not in FTE or Units of Measure – Work Month Work Month = Productive Hours in Acctg Period / Available Hour in Acctg Period Available hours for monthly (MON) employees are different from bi-weekly (BWK) employees because of their differences in time reporting to LDRS and General Ledger in any given month.
FTE Calculation FTE = FTE Factor x Work Month hours of each employee

FTE Factor =
(Σ Productive Hours + Σ Paid Leave Hours)
Σ Productive Hours

calculated for each paygoup (MON or BWK) at the Level 1 division – employee’s home organization
Water Effeciency Prerequisite 1 Employ strategies that in aggregate use 20% less water than the water use baseline calculated for the building (not including irrigation). . . .
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