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No description

Anjani Maley

on 30 November 2013

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Both named Wes Moore
They lived in Baltimore neighborhoods
They both grew up fatherless
Wes Moore Other Wes Moore
Influence of Authorities
Influence of Authorities
Influence of Authorities
Wes Moore Other Wes Moore
BY: Alex. Anjani. Karington. Mia. Spencer
Authority Figures
The Power Paradox
Effects of the Figures
Drug Money
By: John S Cheung
Wes Moore
Rhodes Scholar
Decorated combat veteran
White House Fellow
Business leader
Other Wes Moore

Fear less in the light,

Fear of the night

Fear of the morning,

Fear of my life,

Fear for those I love and our world,


Fear and fear less-

In the writing

In the prayer before prayer-

In the walking outside up to Shul

In the morning light

Fear gone for now,

Fear in the Middle of the Night
Shalom Freedman
Nelson Mandala
Valley Forge Military Academy
"Little" Melvin Williams
Adolf Hitler

South African activist and former President
Won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993
Lead peaceful protests against Caucasians and ended apartheid
Captain Ty Hill and others

Fear in the middle of the night-

Fear and horrible imaginings-

Fear of my life,

Fear for those I love and our world,

Fear in the early morning

Fear and more fear-

Fear broken a bit by the light,

Fear broken a bit by morning prayer,

Fear broken a bit by ‘learning’,

Fear broken a bit by writing,

Fear broken a bit by morning coffee,

Fear less-

Fear in the neck and in the mind-

Fear down the spine-
Shalom Freedman and the Gaza War
Mentored Wes and changed
his view point on life
"No excuses,
no exceptions."
Dec. 18, 2008
Leader of the Nazi Party
in Germany
Used powerful word
choice to persuade
others to commit awful acts
such as Genocide, torture, and killings

Influenced by other
powerful leaders, authors,
and speakers
"Sometime in my 50s, I became aware there was a God in charge, and not a Melvin."
Legendary drug dealer
He was recruited to quell the violence of the (Bronx's) riots
Convicted felon
Wes Moore
His mother
The police
Commanding Officers

Other Wes Moore
His mother
His brother
High expectations
Academic Success

Low expectations
Have money
By Wes Moore
Dec. 16, 2008
By Dacher Keltner
Paradox of Power: The things that get us to the very top of the ladder, are the ones that bring us down
Myth 1: power equals cash votes and muscle
"When people try to control others it is a sign that power is slipping"

Myth 2: Machiavellians win in the game of power.
"one's ability to maintain power is the ability to understand and advance the goals of the group"

Myth 3: Power is strategically acquired, not given.
"a person's power is only as strong as the status given to them"

Authorities and Experiments
Authority- the right or power to enforce rules or give orders, somebody or something with official power
Milgram's Obedience Experiment
Asch's Conformity Experiment
- Teacher would shock the Learner every time the Learner gave a wrong/incorrect answer (65% of Teachers were willing to go along with it)
- People obey either out of fear or out of a desire to appear cooperative
-8 individuals (3 commoners, 2 peasants, and 3 officials) were asked to pick which line was the same size as the "chosen" line
- people agreed with what the officials said even if wrong (70%)
- if a commoner was wrong an official quickly corrected them
Color of the users hands
Background Materials
Hands assisting the user
Color of drug
Faded money
John S Cheung
- Early life
- Education
- Post College
- Retirement
- Art career
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