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No description

Hyewon Kwon

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Force(2)_9(1,2)

God has created

poison fruits as well as delicious fruits

the burning smell from burial grounds
as well as
aromatic smell from sandalwood forest

deserts as well as beautiful lakes
So life can roll
only between the opposite characteristics.
Though they look like two different entities,
they are two sides of the same coin
can never be separated
from each other.
비록 ~ 하지만
~처럼 보이다
If we ask for happiness,
the sadness comes along with it.
~와 함께 온다
It's just like when you're at a restaurant,
you order the ribs and French fries.
~와 같다
The waitress tells you
[that baked beans come with that order].
You ask her
[if you could replace the beans with extra fries].

She says no.
~할 수 있는지
replace A with B: A를 B로 대체하다.
You get what you order.

No substitutes.
~한 것
I once heard a minister say,
"There isn't a single person in the world
who can make a pencil."
He continued this thought
by examining
what goes into the manufacturing
of a pencil.
He explained
[that the wood has to come from a tree
that was cut by a lumberjack].
The graphite has to be mined by miners
in South America.
The rubber for the eraser
comes from a rubber tree
on a Malaysian rubber plantation.
It's true;
it takes a countless number of people
to make just one pencil.
it takes ~ to동:
동사하는 데에 ~이 소모된다, 필요하다
To succeed as leaders,
we need to recognize
the necessity of having
others of like mind

(working alongside us,
sharing our vision
working toward a common goal
n. something that is used
instead of something else
v. to use something new or different
instead of what is normally used
substitute A for B
substitute B with A

- Margarine can be substituted for butter
in this recipe.
- Butter can be substituted with margarine
in this recipe.

Happiness and sadness
always come together
in the same package;
the question is
which is going to pop out

of the package


who is going to deliver
the package to you.
successful individual
that his or her achievement depends on

a community of persons
working together
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