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Story of Sam


Danielle Matzick

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Story of Sam

The Story of Sam Sam's Going Hiking There are 2 important rules for the trip: If slope is defined as
rise/run... Sam comes to a mountain and decides to travel UP the mountain. As Sam goes down
the mountain, he generates
a Negative "rise" but still a Positive "run". Sam has reached the top of the mountain and is now going down. Continuing on, Sam heads East into the desert. He is hot and thirsty, and crawls across the desert. Since he can't stay at the top of the cliff forever, ...is Sam's rise positive or
negative? ...is Sam's run positive or negative? ...thus his "rise" is negative and his "run" is positive. What is Sam's
"rise"? What is Sam's
"run"? Zero Positive Zero Slope Negative Slope He hooks up his parachute and leaps... Positive Slope ...and lands safely on the ground. Sam's "rise" was Negative Thus his slope is undefined (because you can't have zero in the denominator) Positive Positive Sam contines on and approaches the edge of the cliff. There is no breeze and thankfully, Sam has a parachute. Undefined 1. Sam can only travel from left to right
(the same direction you read a book), 2. The only item Sam has with him is a parachute. (he's crawling) and his "run" was zero. and since he can't travel left, he is forced to jump off the cliff.
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