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YES Prep College Initiatives: Fall 2013 Highlights

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Rhiannon Killian

on 3 January 2014

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Transcript of YES Prep College Initiatives: Fall 2013 Highlights

Mesham is a model for the district with his collaboration and dedication to the
holistic development
of each student. His plan for CAPP Part I is definitely a model for future planning.
Larissa Zavarelli
Zavarelli has advocated for a
well aligned Personal Essay Rubric
and has used her knowledge from her English Content Team to push the Freshman Seminar team to new levels.
Angel Williams
Williams has the daunting task of teaching both Freshman and Sophomore seminar. Throughout the entire semester, she has been so reflective and thoughtful on how to
vertically align
what she has taught. What an amazing perspective!
Yuliana Arredondo
Arredondo has spent the time getting to know the individual needs of her students and what makes her campus unique. The perspectives that she brought to
artifact collection in CAPP Part I
was amazing and the investment she developed in her students was remarkable to see.
Lauren Vargas
Vargas also has brought knowledge from previous Content Teams to College Initiatives and has been a model for
professionalism and communication
Faye Roohi
Faye did a phenomenal job teaching our team members the importance of
PSAT preparation
. She taught and sent us materials on a regular basis and was a key leader on content days.
Kristina Bockhold
Kristina successfully
completed more parts of the CAPP
than any other team member during semester 1, including the strength skill artifact and reflection, improvement skill artifact and reflection, resume, and standardized testing (PSAT Prep).
YES Prep College Initiatives: Fall 2013 Highlights
David Mesham
Carla has successfully
planned out a full year seminar course
and already completed three parts of the CAPP including, strength skill artifact & reflection, improvement skill artifact & reflection, and standardized testing (PSAT Preparation).
Carla Lewis

Lylee Kazem
Lylee has come so far this year in her seminar course! She has thoroughly pushed her students
complete the strength skill artifact & reflection
and standardized testing (PSAT Prep).

Lindsay Langford
Lindsay is so good at reaching out to resources within and outside of her campus. She is a phenomenal instructor who is constantly
seeking out ways to collaborate
with other year-long seminar instructors.
Angel King

Angel has constantly challenged her students academically and socially. She
creates meaningful and deep relationships with students
in her class and ties them into the non-cognitive skills that she is teaching them!
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