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My top 10 Types of Movies

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Isabel Ramos

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of My top 10 Types of Movies

7th Period
Clarkton, NC
#5 Ghost Movies:
#6 Terror Movies:
Although most of the ghost stories are scary I prefer stories about good ghosts
I love to once in a while get scared a little although not too much it is sometimes rare to see me watching a terror movie since I have little siblings, and you can't watch scary things when there are children near or awake
After wizards the other fictitious characters I have admired are vampires even though they are evil and associated with hell. What I admire about them is their speed, strength and other powers. Although I prefer dreaming about becoming a wizard as another childish dream I dream that if I cannot be a wizard the least I could become is a vampire.
#1 Anime Movies:
I love anime I could even say that I'm obsessed with it. i sometimes even feel what the characters are feeling. By the way "Anime" is a kind of Japanese drawings with which are made into movies and displayed as series.
#2 Adventure Movies:
I love to watch this or even read books about adventure although I have to admit that sometimes I'm too lazy to read the adventure books and just watch the movies.
#3 Wizard Movies:
I have admired the fiction characters of times Wizard although they do not exist either and love to watch or read stories that contain magic in it (I do not like movies or books about witches; they give me the creeps and they are usually bad so I don't even bother to read any book that has to do with witchcraft or something that involves stuff that haves to do with hell. Ooh, also I love to day-dream about being a wizard with magical powers although I think that is very childish of me.
usually have to do with love!
My top 10 Types of Movies
By: Isabel Ramos
#4 Vampire Movies
very entertaining
cute and cuddly
#10 Princess Movies
This Prezi is to be watched Privately!
please send me e-mails.
I hope you enjoyed it
You see I love anime!!!!!!!!!! please don't get mad at me because of my obsession with it! )-=
#7 Dog Movies
#8 cat
#9 Fairy Movies
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