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ETNA Trader

http://trader.etnasoft.com - integrates the front-end for trading any asset class, enriched with middle & back office. By utilizing such a solution, sell-side institutions gain an outstanding ability to respond to their changing business needs.

Olga Zhukova

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of ETNA Trader

ETNA Trader Trading platform for all asset classes Key features: ETNA Trader is a new professional instrument for e-trading. It embodies latest technology and
creative approach in financial software development. ETNA Trader key features are appealed to facilitate the process of trading and make it more comfortable for all user types. In Brief ETNA software offers an online trading platform that can be customized and white-labeled for a client. ETNA Trader doesn’t require an installation and it is browser independent. Trade via cell, iPhone or Blackberry using light or advanced version of ETNA Trader program no matter where you are. User-friendly interface will make the process of trading easy-to-use and more advantageous for you. Fully customized layouts of ETNA Trader let you trade in your own style. High-speed live data streaming combined with comet technology provides delay-free quotes and order status. Features Watch Lists Positions Orders Balance Trade Quick Quotes News Charting Market Map Users Watch Lists The list of stocks to be watching that has the unique name within the current user. It is integral part of the system that allows monitoring all user activities. This module includes the information about stocks by the following characteristics: symbol, company name, last stock price, ask prices, bid price, change of the stock price, open and close prices, low and high of the day, volume of trade. The user is enable create, rename and remove watch lists. Positions Positions panel for retail traders is an ergonomic user’s portfolio consisting of all standard features of the stocks: symbol, company name, last price, change of price, quantity of stocks, cost basis, market value, gain/loss. Positions can be sorted by the symbol.
Positions panel for brokers is a screen is the full portfolio traded by broker consisting of all standard features of the stocks: symbol, company name, last price, change of price, long/short, cost basis, market value, gain/loss, quotes, users. Clicking the symbol “quotes” broker can see the trade charting of each traded stock. Clicking the symbol “users” broker can see the list of users trading each stock. Orders Orders module for individual traders is the trade history where the user observes his trading orders that has the following elements: status of the order (New, Filled, Cancelled, etc.), Date & Time of last transaction, Symbol, Duration (Day, GTC), Filled Price, Last Price, Limit Price, Stop Price, AON, Type (Market, Limit, Stop, Stop Limit), Transaction (Buy, Sell), Quantity, Executed orders. The user is able to cancel the orders by one click on the last right column in front of the order. Balance Balance module is a useful tool for individual trader that shows the balance information about the user’s account status: cash balance, stock value, positions value, account value, pending orders, pending cash, value daily change and buying power. The user can watch one day balance or define the time frame. All balance information is depicted on the balance chart as well with the daily values. Trade Trade module allows to place the trades. Each trade is placed in separate trade module by the symbol, share (value up to 99), price type (Market, Limit, Stop, Stop Limit), trade type (Day or GTC), Limit and Stop prices (up to 999.99) for limit and stop price types accordingly. The trade price is displayed as well. The user can choose “All or None” that means that transaction can be put in force only in the full ordered volume. Quick Quotes Quick Quotes module has improved and convenient for analysis charting with transaction values for each defined traded stock shown in time frames of 1 day, 2 days, 5 days, 1 month, 3 months, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 5 years and the full trade period. Charting is presented in the following types: bar, line, candlestick, OHLC bar, HLC bar. More than 60 indicators and line studies can be added to the chart. Settings include both technical and design options. News News module is the list of the market information provided by the 3rd side. The news list can be sorted by the symbol. The user chooses the amount and quality of received news. Charting Charting is an advanced easy customizable tool for representing and analyzing the user activity. Settings chart include price style (Line, OHLC Bar, HLC Bar, CandleStick, Bar), price scaling (Arithmetic, Logarithmic), back and gradient color, grid line, symbol watermark, value scale size, date scale size and date margin. Time frame of the charting varies from 1 day to 5 years. In one charting the user can compare several securities (GOOG with DIA e.g.). Technical analysis includes about 60 indicators and the most popular lines studies. All charts can be moved, resized, zoomed in/out and scrolled to see every single change of the selected instrument. Market Map Securities module is an advanced and essentially important feature of ETNA Trader. The first tab “Activities” displays the list of sorted groups of securities traded by the system. There is a market map showing the market share of each security in the group. Clicking at any stock rectangle at the market map broker can observe quotes and charts of each company. Brief information about each security appears in the pop-up window while hovering the mouse on it. The user can also modify charting representation by time frame and chart type. Users Users screen displays the list of the broker’s clients with the following information: login, first name, last name, account value, daily changes, added date (when the client was added to the system), enabled and approved conditions. The clients at the list can be sorted by the first name, the last name, login, daily phone, e-mail, enabled condition, approved condition, added date. Clicking each client broker can monitor in five presented tabs his personal account balance, orders history, the list of positions, trade and personal information. From the tab “Trade” broker can place orders form the clients account.
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