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gracejit chahal

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of swimming

Competitive Swimming
Pool Conversions
In Competitive swimming there are three different pools.Short Course Meters (SCM) Short Course Yards (SCY) and Long Course Meters (LCM)
SCM and SCY both have 25 meters or yards and LCM has 50 meters in the pool. SCM and SCY pools refereed to as "Short Course" usually used in the fall/winter season, while LCM pools are mostly used in the summer season
In swimming you might want to convert your best SCY time to a LCM time to see if you went faster or slower.
for SCM to SCY you have to convert your time to seconds divide by 10 and subtract that from your number of seconds.
SCM=22.00 (time in seconds) =2.2 (divided by 10)
- 2.2
19.8 =LCM
for SCY to SCM multiply the tenths by 7 and add 14 and however many hundredths there were already and to get the new hundredths numbers and then add 7 to the tenths to get your new tenths number. Keep the minutes the same

for SCY or SCM to LCM add 0.5 seconds
SCY/SCM = 45.96
+ 0.50
46.46 = LCM

*But remember these are more like estimations than conversions because it is nearly impossible to go the EXACT same speed in different pools with different variables (start/dive,pool temperature,push off walls etc.)*
Just How Fast?

Micheal Phelps 100 freestyle speed is around 4.7mph (which is around a brisk walking pace)
the fastest mph speed recorded so far for a swimmer was Cesar CIELO FILHO from Brazil
in a 50 free his mph was 5.34

to convert my 50 free time to a mph...
50 (number of meters)/29 (my SCM 50 free time)=1.72
1.72=meters per second
1.72 x 2.2=?

number of mph to 1 meter per second
answer: approximately 3.784 mph
Men's Short course world Records over the years
range: 1.34
mode: 21.31
median: 21.13
average: 21.09
50 free
Women's Short Course World Records Over the Years
50 Free
range: 1.51
median: 23.84
average: 23.91
Coach Maria, Dale and Jon
Hy-Tech Swimwear
Hy-Tech swimwear was introduced around 2008
130 world records were broken by Olympians wearing any type of Hy-Tech Swimwear. In 2010 all Hy-Tech Suits were banned from elite offical competition.
Hy-Tech Swimwear is said to mimic marine animal skin. Typically made of Nylon or spandex they are thought to reduce drag, increase glide, and reduce absorption of water.
I got an Aquablade (a hy-tech swimsuit) for Christmas and decided to see if they indeed make you go faster.
200 yard breaststroke- 27.40 off of 3:31.42
100 yard butterfly- 3.13 off of 1:23.29
200 yard I.M.- 8.23 off of 2:52.15
50 yard Butterfly- 2.10 off of 35.44
100 yard Breaststroke- 0.37 off of 1:27.33
41.23 8:69.63
41.23 = ?.??? = ?%
0.047 = 4.7%
I already knew that there was a lot of math involved in swimming being a swimmer myself but I did learn how to convert LCM SCM and SCY times, how to find out my mph and how to figure out how much faster I went since my last meet.
Other Math Also Involved In Swimming
counting strokes
DPS and SR
DPS=Distance Per Stroke. A ratio, that calculates a swimmer’s efficiency.

distance:50 time:29 strokes(cycles):25
50/25= 2 meters per cycle
Distance divided by the number of strokes for the distance
SR= Stroke Rate- time it takes to complete a cycle
1.16 seconds per cycle
Time (in seconds) divided by the number of cycles
their should be balance between these two numbers should be balanced in order for the swimmer to be efficient.
what would be my DPS if my numbers are
distance:50 time: 32.64 strokes:20????????????

DPS: 2.05 meters per cycle
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