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Hotel Resort


on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Hotel Resort

General plan picture Guest Directory International tourism approach
and local market research International tourism approach
and main trends Internal market research SWOT Analyses Internal factor  External factor Proposed resort activities The Resort Goals and Objectivities The complexes in Tsonchin boldog: 'TSONJIN BOLDOG'
hotel Resort
54,7 кm from Ulaanbaatar city
In Erdene soum of Tuv province
1,7 км from Chinggis statue complex
South of Terelj National Park
Fresh air
At the bank of Tuul river LOCATION: Restaurant and
swimming pool Hotel Summer theatre Folk arts theatre Sport center Pool Presidential suite - 1
Room size – 400m2 Executive suite- 9
Room size – 108-140m2( Penthouse) c Facilities and Services First class restaurant with 120 people capacity Breakfast in Restaurant “khan khuvguudiin uruu”
Beautiful vista of “Tsonjin boldog” .
Breakfast served between 7.00-11.00 at
“khan khuvguudiin uruu” restaurant.
“khan khuvguudiin uruu” restaurant with capacity of
100-120 people, on 2nd floor
/Non-smoking zone/
Lunch served between 11:30-16:00 Pub with 45 seats Pub “Ikh Khaad”

/Smoking/Non-smoking zone
High class pub served with over 80-90 types of whiskey, cognac, beers and fine cigars.
Dinner served between 18:00-23:00. Conference hall with 200-230 people capacity Conference hall:
200-230 seats Khuraldai hall
It is ideal place to held high class or diplomatic visitors representatives’ meeting or seminar . Plus, you can organize wedding, show entertainments Pool -225 m2, Kids pool Pool, Sauna

Everyday 07:30-22:00
(Sauna should be ordered 1 hour ahead.) 54,7 кm from Ulaanbaatar city In Erdene soum of Tuv province 1,7 км from Chinggis statue complex Laguna -890м in length / jet ski and sailing/ Laguna:
Will help you to lookover around the hotel.

Schedule: 11.00-23.00 Art gallery Summer theatre,
Folk arts theatre Beach Youth game centre Fitness Club Mini golf Tennis court, Billiard hall- 3, Bowling Sauna complex ( steam and stone),
Beauty and massage centre – 8 rooms VIP room -2
Emergency station Travelers are choosing healthy safe and smart ways to travel. This new way of traveling which is more into nature, culture and history has a good impact on Mongolian tourism.
Tourism is developing in sub areas letting more into short term trips.
News ways of traveling are getting more popular such as adventure, private and luxury.
We aim to develop responsible tourism and global warming and green business are in critical situation.
Using medium sized air transportation allows travelers to travel with a lower cost. Suppliers are using new smart technology such as online marketing and online booking system.
Travelers choose short term trips rather than long ones.
Political commotion, harsh weather and epidemic diseases reduce tourism.
To be healthy and improve immune system tourists are choosing medical tourism.
Number of Chinese travelers is keeps growing.

All these approaches have been studied internationally, thus our “Tsonjin boldog” resort provides all these needs. Mining development boost in Mongolia is resulting in increased travelers and visitors of investors and business people to Mongolia.
Main goal is to create a favorable conditions for hosting those investors and businessmen in our resort, in addition to the state and foreign high ranking officials, diplomats and various official representatives.
The resort distinct feature is the surrounding nature and the unique historical complex. Tribe lodges exhibiting the livelihood features of 13th century Monument complex of Chingis on horse Tumen khushigten complex (Monuments of the ten thousand guards of Chingis, built at the accurate size and shape of humans and horses) The complexes will be the sole in the world in its features displaying of Chingis khaan’s authentic historical facts and livelihoods of 13th century Mongolia.

The historical and monument complexes include the 13th century livelihoods exhibition, Chingis khaan’s monument complex, Chingis khaan’s ten thousand guards that will take about 2 days for sightseeing all the exhibitions and monuments. Therefore, a need for high level hotel resort is come out and we aim to open the hotel resort of Tsonchin boldog.

The hotel resort is aiming to reach the high level services and with this aim it is planned to train hotel staff in high quality services. Cost of building 12 million$
Total square -9300 square meter

Number of rooms – 48,
Number of beds – 80 Opportunities
To advertise on the market our hotel and resort
To advertise our distinguised and excellent service and products
To Organize conference meeting about mining industry in our hotel
There are not many hotels in market with our unique products and service
To create our web site
To get inhabit Uniforms & smiling
We will insure and training our staff to have a professional communication skill

No influence constancy
Inflation is not stable
Electricity & heating and general products price increase
More new hotels
New hotels are already in market Strengths
Good Location
(Landscape with ecological pure condition )
Cultural and historical place with Chinggis statue complex
Fresh air, comfortable environment
All services high class and guideline is just for customer
All rooms high class
Modern architectural style buildings, offers all the comforts of modern technology, classic and unique atmosphere, ideal for both holidays and business trips
All services of revitalization and care

54,7 кm from Ulaanbaatar city
State visit and just for high class tourism
Expensive Since mongolian government support mining sector foreign investors and business mans interested in mongolia, whose visiting numbers increased to make research and do business.
Mining seminars and conference organised often in mongolia
Mongolia is in centre attention of foreign countries which opens opportunity of international official visits. So we have chance to receive those diplomats in our hotel.
Introducing history of 13 th century in tsonjin boldog requests 1-2 days time so where has to have a hotel
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