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No description

on 30 July 2014

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Transcript of GAUDY Goals

Introduction to GAUDY GOALS
What are Goals
- the result of achievement toward which effort is directed; aimed; end, a terminal point in a race
Gaudy Goals
Gaudy Goals – flamboyant daring targets in which tireless effort is exerted to do what seems impossible

The Gaudy Difference
Two Masons 8 months into the job:

Henry grumbles and says: “Though I am grateful to have a job I am getting worn out on being a lowly stone-cutter.”

Stephen on the other hand beams with pride and boast saying: “Too bad; I was hired to build a world renowned cathedral!”

Thank you!
The High Life
“Set your goals ridiculously high and you will fail above everyone else’s success.”
We don’t set goals to not meet them, they are set so that we can reach towards something we have never accomplished before, despite our current status or perceived ability.
Reach for the Moon and you might just get the STAARS!
Turn to your neighbor and say Get It Ready!

Gaudy Goals and Student Expectations
Gaudy goals raise student expectations of you
Creates energy and momentum that did not exist before
Gaudy goals automatically increase student achievement
Fuels energy to get through the rough patches

The Gaudy Experience
Shannon Frazier, Teacher Specialist Elmore Elementary
- Gaudy - flamboyant, flaring, flashy, glitzy, ostentatious, razzle dazzle, splashy, swanky and daring

Teacher Gaudy Goals
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