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Make Your Mark

RHA/Hall Gov RA Training Fall 2012

Barbara Braga

on 6 January 2013

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Transcript of Make Your Mark

Discuss Hall Government with residents as much as possible, as soon as possible.
Shoulder tap residents that they think would make good executive board members or general members.
Encourage residents who do not want an executive board position to still attend the meetings and be involved.
Be excited about Hall Government!!! It's all about Recruitment! Meet new people!
Gain leadership skills!
Looks good on a resume! 
Help build community among your residents!
Have fun!
Host programs for residents!
Support RHA meetings and events! Why join Hall Government?! Each executive board is made up of elected officers.
Executive Board Positions
Vice President
Treasurer (optional)
Intramural Coordinator (optional)
More optional chairs may be added at the discretion of the Resident Director
Community Senators
Can be part of the executive board, but all residents are encouraged to attend meetings and serve as community senators/wing representatives. I want to make a mark! Open to all residence hall students and RAs!
When: Wednesdays
Time: 4 PM
Place: Doc Bryan 242 (Multipurpose Room) RHA General Meetings RHA is centralized around four main goals:
To conduct campus wide programs.
To promote a positive living and learning environment.
To serve as a liaison between RHA, other ATU student organizations, university administration, and the Office of Residence Life.
To act as a governing body over all Residence Hall Governments. Residence Hall Association Mission Hall Government and RHA
Barbara Braga
Emily McCoy
RA Training MAKE YOUR MARK! S: START recruiting early!

M: MOTIVATE the students!

I: INITIATE conversation with residents!


E: ENCOURAGE participation throughout year! SMILE…
for a Successful Hall Government! Why did you become a RA? Why did you join RHA? Why were you involved in Hall Government?
what kept you motivated to be involved? Reflection Time! Treasurer: Patrick Westbrook
Former Wilson Hall Gov. President
Historian: Andrea Sims
Resident in Nutt Hall
NCC: Zach Deakins
2nd Year as NCC
Resident in Wilson Hall President: Rusty Jackson
2nd Year as President
Resident in Turner Hall
Vice President: Jacob Brown
2nd Year as Vice President
RA in Turner Hall
Secretary: Jamayka Savage
Former Jones Hall Gov. President RHA Executive Board RHA: 101
Hall Government Structure
Hall Government Purpose
Hall Government Recruitment What are we talking about today? RA Involvement Each RA is required to come to all Hall Government General Body meetings and bring a minimum of two residents.
RAs are encouraged to attend Hall Government and RHA programs and meetings, and bring residents. People join people. What can Hall Government do for you? Help establish community
Form relationships/ networking
Assist with programming and attendance at programs
Helps recognize future leaders for RA recruitment
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