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Police Brutality

No description

medina beng

on 8 June 2015

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Transcript of Police Brutality

Police Brutality
By :Medina Beng
Police brutality is the wanton use of excessive force, usually physically. Police brutality happens 24/7. Anyone who says otherwise is lying or ignorant , now that's just my opinion, I don't mean to demonize the police as I'm sure most of the do their job properly , but there is a small percentage of police officers who become police because they crave power and as such go on to abuse that power. I care about this issue because It's sad to know you can't always trust police but , rather be worried and frightened. Innocent folks shouldn't be killed or abused by police because of what police thought was going to happen. I feel like in order for there to be justice they need to be removed from law enforcement.
My Issue Story
Issue: history/statistics
Issue Impact Local (Portland/OR/NW)
Portions of the population may perceive the police to be oppressors , there is a perception that victims of police brutality often belong to relatively powerless groups such as minorities, the disabled , the young , and the poor. Police brutality is measured based off the account of people who have experienced or seen it.

4,861 – Unique reports of police misconduct tracked
6,613 – Number of sworn law enforcement officers involved (354 were agency leaders such as chiefs or sheriffs)
6,826 – Number of alleged victims involved
247 – Number of fatalities associated with tracked reports
$346,512,800 – Estimated amount spent on misconduct-related civil judgments and settlements excluding sealed settlements, court costs, and attorney fees.
Issue Interview: Rodney King
Organizations in Oregon creating a positive change:
Oregon Cop Block and Portland Cop watch are community organizations or groups associated with police accountability.
Oregon Cop Block
Oregon Cop Block is a community organization facebook page based for Oregon member to join and prevent police brutality. Oregon Cop Block is a diverse group of individuals united by their goal to police accountability. They record police and document their actions.
Portland Cop watch
Portland cop watch is a grassroots group with police accountability through citizen action. Portland cop watch was formed as a project of peace and justice works in June 1992. Portland cop watch takes reports and presents with options to seek remands in cases of police misconduct , harassment , and brutality.
People/Activist In our area: Glenn Waco
-Victims families
-Court Systems
Glenn Waco is a 22yr old rapper african- american from St.johns who is a leader for Portland police protest. Glenn Waco gathers people to protest for the victims who have been harmed or killed by police. The local protest organizers want to turn their outrage into action by pressing City Hall for serious reforms of the Portland Police Bureau. Glenn Waco quotes "The hardest thing is getting somebody to care." He believes people need to disconnect from the Internet and connect back to real life.”
My Activism Art: Poem
You occupy our streets and live outside of normal American society. You isolate yourselves. You stand secluded from the rest of us so you can more easily see us as someone to shoot at. I know your mentality. I lived it.

Your toxic masculinity and inflamed bravado can be smelled from miles away. You love your gear. You love wearing your tactical vests because you think it’s cool.

You’re supposed to be our protectors, part of the community. You’re supposed to be walking the beat and interacting with families and small business owners. Instead you intimidate the people around you. The people of this country don’t trust you to do the right thing anymore. You’re dogs with the taste of blood.

Remember, you’re cops, not rangers.

Dress for the job you have, not the job you want.
The future of the issue:
I know I've said this probably said this earlier but I'm gonna say it again! In order for justice to be served police need to be taken out of Law enforcement. Experts , organizations, and activist need to stop being so engaged to the online media but , let this issue get out through real life.
Call to action:
Now I know If tell everyone to get off media , but rather protest nobody probably would, All I'm going to say is "If you see something , film something , help prevent police misconduct before you become a victim , It's not your right , It's your duty!"
Social Media Movement:

Works Cited
Q: Do you feel comfortable complying with police officers?
A: After being beating servilely to where i could've been dead , I don't think I can ever trust or be associated with a police ever again.
Q: Do you see any difference in the Baltimore and L.A riots?
A: No , they were both african-american people protesting for men being abused by police for no explanation.
Q: Do you think police brutality has racist and bias elements?
A: Yes! you will only witness police brutality on victims that are powerless groups such as minorities , the disabled, the young, and the poor.

Who is impacted: Victims , Police , communities , youth , minority.
The victims are either no longer alive or have scars for life. NOT ALL POLICE ABUSE THEIR AUTHORITY! Youth are frightened and no longer want to associate with police. Communities feel the need to riot. Minorities because they are police #1 targets when powerless groups come in hand.
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