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So, You Want to Apply to Consulting Firms

No description

Heather Krasna

on 7 July 2017

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Transcript of So, You Want to Apply to Consulting Firms

So, You Want to Apply to Consulting Firms
When you know what you want, why, and how you fit, it's time to create your application documents.
Resumes Should (for largest firms):
Be one page
Include: GPA, Test Scores (SAT, GRE, etc.)
Be results-oriented and include deliverables
Contain quantifiable achievements
Be consistently formatted (don't get fancy)
Utilize proactive language
Include industry terminology
Highlight key skills mentioned in the job description
Minimize non-relevant skills or tasks
Resume Format
Smallest margin size is 0.5 inches
(should be consistent on all sides)
Keep your resume to
1 page
Have your
Name at the top and Contact Information below in one line
Education should be the first section
Bold School Names and Organization Names
; Job Titles don't need to be bolded
Use a
size of font that's readable
; smallest size, 10.5, headings 1 size bigger. Double-check that font sizes are consistent and indents and bullet points are same size.
to talk about your experiences;
start each with a proactive action verb
that highlights a
transferable skill
List your experience in
reverse chronological order by end date
Only include
experience that is relevant
; this is a marketing document
Use phrases your
reader can understand
Emphasize outcomes and quantify accomplishments
A little background (depending on company and sector)*
Consulting is a
dynamic career
, where you will employ skills in
problem solving, analysis, teamwork
, and effective
Next, do you know what companies you're interested in?
Have you drafted a
list of consulting organizations
that you want to apply to?
Do you have an
preference: pharma/life science, vs. healthcare provider, vs. government contractor?
Do you have a
preference: strategy, management, technology, risk, finance, pricing/access consulting?
Have you gone to their websites to
research the organizations
Do you know what
types of job

and internship opportunities
these organizations have?
Do you know when the
application deadlines
are for these opportunities?
What the Brand-Name Firms are looking for:
First, have you done your homework?
What do you know about consulting?
What does an average day look like?
What's a typical salary?
What are some skills you need to succeed?
What type of travel will you really be doing?
What types of consulting firms are you most interested in?
Big Four
Healthcare Analytics
Healthcare Technology
Policy Consulting
What attracts you to the consulting field?
Prestige, salary, problem-solving, analytics, etc.
If you find that you cannot answer some of these questions, it's time to do some research.
Use the
LinkedIn Advanced

search to see what type of Consulting Firms Mailman alums currently work within.
Check out the CareerLink Resource Library for:
Consulting Tip Sheet

Consulting Skills and Vocabulary Sheet
Employment Outcomes
for the class of 2014-2015
Set up
informational interviews

with alumni who are working for the firms you're interested in
It's not unusual for consultants to work long hours:
sometimes a 40-50 hour week, or depending on the project/client, sometimes a 70-80 hour week.
The job will most likely entail travel
, that may look like spending each week in a different domestic city, or relocating to a client's office to work on-site for 6 months.
1) Big Brand Name Employers or Schools
2) Academic Performance (GPA)
3) High Standardized Test Scores in Math
4) Evidence of Leadership and People Skills
5) High Achievement Career Experiences (Proportional to Length of Career)
Sample Resume Sections:
Examples of Skills and Buzzwords
Skill Areas for Consulting
• Project Management
• Client management
• Data Analysis
• Research
• Presentation
• Communication
• Industry Knowledge

Draft and edit
Industry Vocabulary
client, partner, stakeholder, team
vendor, provider, executives
health systems
health outcomes
thought leaders
business development
*Smaller firms, policy research consulting firms, and some quantitative firms may not have as much travel or longer hours.
Do I feel confident
in front of CEOs, corporate executives, and other experts? Am I thoughtful when communicating so I don't say anything inappropriate? Am I an articulate, clear speaker?
Do I enjoy working in collaborative
Can I meet multiple
, under pressure?
Am I extremely careful with
and ensure all my work is highest quality?
Am I motivated enough to work
long hours
and have extensive travel?
Am I comfortable in a corporate environment in which I must wear business attire daily?
Can I think quickly, on my feet?
Do I have solid
analytical skills
Can I take initiative and come up with new ideas?
Am I OK being "on call" for clients?
Do I have excellent
skills and strong grammar?
Do I have knowledge or experience in the industry I want to consult to?
...So ask yourself...
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