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What Type of Nail Polish is the Most Flammable

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Madie Fujimoto

on 24 April 2015

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Transcript of What Type of Nail Polish is the Most Flammable

What Color of Nail Polish is the Most Flammable?
Wanted to know how long dried nail polish would burn for
Flammability: we are defining it as the amount of time the nail polish will burn for
Main part of nail polish which catches flame is the fumes
five different colored nail polishes (we used black, sparkly gold, tan, plum, and a blush color)
fire extinguisher
fire-proof area
tin foil
gloves and goggles
notebook and pencil
1. Gather materials
2. Make fifteen 4x3 inches tin foil squares
3. Pour .1 ounce of nail polish onto the tin foil square and weigh.
4. Repeat step three in the separate tin foil squares
5. Let all nail polish dry for 24 hours.
6. Line the floor with tin foil larger than the foil boxes
7. Place the desired foil box on the floor.
8. Hold a lighter to the surface of the dried nail polish for five seconds
9. When the polish catches flame start the timer and stop when it is no longer on fire
10. Record the duration of the burn time in the notebook.
11. Repeat steps 7-10 twice more with the same colored nail polish.
12. Repeat steps 7-11 with all colors.

Black had most amount of chemicals which left more room for one being highly flammable
Nail polish all contained majority of same chemicals
Bases: polymers, plasticizers, silica, titanium dioxide, bismuth oxychloride, and citric acid
Standard for most nail polish so they will burn for a similar amount of time
Differing factor: pigments
Next time: no wind, dry more, time more accurately
Nail Polish on Fire
Black Nail Polish
Our hypothesis is that the gold nail polish will be more flammable due to its shine which is caused by more chemicals, and therefore increasing its ability to burn.
Blush Color Nail Polish

Gold Nail Polish
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