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Geography: Make A Change In The World;

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Sean Samu

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Geography: Make A Change In The World;

Birth/Death Rate
The birth rate of Zimbabwe is 32.19 out of 1000 people. The death rate of Zimbabwe is 12.38 out of 1000 of the population. This is also the most recent update on this so compared to many other countries this is not very good. So this show that better health care is needed in Zimbabwe.
Fertility/Infant Mortality Rate

The infant mortality rate in Zimbabwe is 28.3 out of 1000 people, this also shows that they need better health care and that it needs more attention. The fertility rate in Zimbabwe is 3.22 per lady.
Life Expectancy and GDP
In Zimbabwe the life expectancy of men are 51.95 years and 51.68 for women. This is another reason to provide better health care. They haven't calculated 2013's GDP for Zimbabwe but the 2012 est. for Zimbabwe's GDP was 10.8 billion US dollars. Compared to Canada's that's not that much (1.821 trillion dollars)
School Life Expectancy and Literacy Rate
In Zimbabwe most students stay for around 9 years some even less.90-99% of people from 15 and above know how to read and write, this showing that my earlier deductions were incorrect and that Zimbabwe has a decent school life and literacy rate. This also shows not to base a country on pictures
but on thorough research.
Observations On
Zimbabwe is a desert with less vegetation or water. When looking at some pictures; people are not having proper health care and people are begging for money. I have also seen that most of the pictures do not show schools; based on simple deductions it show that Zimbabwe has no need for schools because, they are only based on passing the next day, this again is only based on deductions from pictures. Based on pictures alone I feel that Zimbabwe is in desperate need of help and for a lot of reasons.
Geography: Make A Change In The World
Help Zimbabwe!

Hope You Enjoyed My Presentation!
Hope this has encouraged you to help not only Zimbabwe, but other countries in need. When one friends is on the ground you got to help them, just like you got to help other countries when they need help.
This is a part of Zimbabwe!
Per Capita Income and Urbanization
Zimbabwe's Per Capita Income is 500 US
dollars per person.38% of Zimbabwe's total population live in cities. Considering all the fact from these statistics I will say that Zimbabwe seems to be a very poor country, so it gives us an even bigger reason to help them.
Pass Go to help Zimbabwe!
No matter how much you give it helps not only Zimbabwe but the entire world!
My Overall Review On Zimbabwe
Even though some parts of Zimbabwe's overall "review" (per say, per say) were good but even then it isn't as good to be called a full developed country because it still needs a little help.
What Have I Learned about Zimbabwe?
Zimbabwe is a very dry desert, it has almost no vegetation and not very high in the HDI. Zimbabwe also needs better health care and a better area of work to make money. Not only that they need better schools and a better education.
In Zimbabwe what population characteristic is needed the most?
I feel that the biggest
issue in Zimbabwe is that
the education needs to be better. I think the education
there needs improvement because better education means more money, which eventually means better health care areas (such as hospitals).
Make a charity specifically for Zimbabwe
Ideas to help Zimbabwe
Write a Petition to the government to help Zimbabwe
Spread the word that Zimbabwe needs help by all forms of contact
Travel to multiple schools in the Peel region and spread the word so it could travel farther around Canada
Raise money from a school fundraiser every year to make schools in Zimbabwe and other countries
My Zimbabwe Resurrection Plan
I think the best idea to get Zimbabwe back on its feet is to make a school fundraiser and raise money every year to help Zimbabwe and other countries in need. My second "back up" plan is to spread the word that Zimbabwe and other countires and hopefully it reachs the government.
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