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Hybrid Model of Crisis

No description

Jennifer Perez

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of Hybrid Model of Crisis

Hybrid Model of Crisis
Learning Team C
BSHS 445
April 16, 2014
Dr. Christina James

-Hybrid Model
-Example of Hybrid Model (Scenario)
-Listening Skills
Video clip, “Title 5, Scenario 3 Basic Skills/Hybrid Model: Counselors Talk with Woman Losing Custody of Child”

Describe the Hybrid Model of Crisis Intervention
Task 1:
Predisposition/Engaging/Initiating Contact

Task 2:
Problem Exploration: Defining the crisis

Task 3:
Providing Support

Task 4:
Examining Alternatives

Task 5:
Planning in order to reestablish control

Task 6:
Obtaining Commitment

Task 7:
Follow up

Examples of Hybrid Model of Crisis Intervention Illustrated

Initial contact
Therapist approaches client by asking the reason for visitation.
-Ex. “What brings you in today.”

Task 2: Problem Exploration: Defining the Crisis
-Running the risk of getting her daughter being taken away

-Negligence of child

-Mother going through divorce

-Mother relying too much on daughter

-Mother always confined in her room.

Task 3: Providing Support
-Giving her options on how to approach the situation

-Asking Client how she felt

Task 4: Examining Alternatives
Abby’s mother said she could not speak to school counselor. The alternative given was a letter stating her concerns about what her and her daughter have spoken about, how she feels about the counselor over stepping her boundaries, and how they can move forward.

Task 5: Planning in Order to Re-establish Control
Client was asked to write a letter.
Task 6: Obtaining Commitment
Continuing therapy with counselors and establishing a plan after her daughter’s evaluation, using a Strengths-Based Approach.

Task 7: Follow Up
-Writing a letter and taking it back to be revised and presented in a respectful manner.
-Planning for the future

-Each counselor had a different style of approach.
-Counselors 1 and 2 had little or no connection with client, but did listen, however, they had no non-verbal communication.
-Counselors 3 and 4 reflected the clients statements, summarized, listened, and used verbal and non-verbal communication, and used the proper body language.
-Counselor 5 was more demanding and did not really show much listening skills.

Listening Skills the Counselors Exhibited
This video clip showed relevant skills and had some good approaches to make the Hybrid Model clear.

Crisis intervention. (2014). Retrieved from. http://

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Task 1: Predisposition/Engaging/Initiating Contact
Introduction of professional
Feedback and concern, open- ended questions and addressing feelings.
Counselors concern about the divorce, home, school, children.
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