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Ocean Harvest Technology Story Board

No description

Gary Mullin

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Ocean Harvest Technology Story Board

Sample Posts Social Media Plan of Action The Platforms Staff Profile Company Profile Blog Page Dashboard Ocean Harvest Technology is a new, exciting and innovative company, forged in humble surroundings. Find out more about the amazing work we do with Seaweed by going to our website http://ow.ly/dYbRq At last, we have arrived on Facebook. Like us and stay tuned for great features, fun and frolics. Seaweed, Ireland, and Ocean Harvest Technology http://ow.ly/ee16P At last, we have arrived on Twitter. Follow us and watch out for great stories, games and more!!!! Here's a quick article, featured in The Irish Independent all the way back in August 2010. Long before we learnt what a social network even was http://ow.ly/dYcef Salmon Feed Breakthrough for Ocean Harvest Technology http://ow.ly/ee4eq Salmon Feed Breakthrough for Ocean Harvest Technology http://ow.ly/ee7Ed The benefits of seaweed. This is a good article discussing the various seaweed benefits to humans http://ow.ly/dYgcz Why not try this on for alternative cinema snack. Yes or no to Seaweed popcorn? http://ow.ly/i/XRf5 Here's a fantastic recipe for Kelp noodle salad if you fancy something new for lunch.. http://ow.ly/edDM7 I've heard of a seaweed covered beach but a seaweed covered road is just ridiculous http://ow.ly/i/XQZM When pigs will swim? Seaweed can help your teeth stay pearly white. if so, we should have no excuses here at #oht for bad teeth http://ow.ly/dYhQW For all those gardening enthusiasts.. To improve the bloom of your flower beds or your vegetable garden, try using seaweed as a fertilizer. http://ow.ly/edPPh Competitions "Snap n Cap" campaign

Every fortnight we will post a seaweed snap and you must choose a suitable caption to accompany the image. The wittiest will triumph and take away one of kind seaweed prints plus a mystery goodie bag. The winner will be announced every second Friday. Big or Small Campaign

We want to know what you have done to save the environment today... Whether it is as "big" as saving the rain forest or as "small" as sacrificing your aerosol deodorant this morning. Share your stories with us to be in with a chance of winning an exclusive Ocean Harvest goodie bag. Brought to you by ION in conjunction with

Ocean Harvest Technology
The National University of Ireland Galway Themed Days Monday - #OHTfunnies
Tuesday - #AskOHT
Wednesday - #OHTnews
Thursday - #OHTcontent / #OHTSnapnCap
Friday - #FollowFriday
Saturday/Sunday - #OHTretweets
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