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The Island: All Ages 3D Book!

No description

Paige Grant

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of The Island: All Ages 3D Book!

The Island The Island Ladies
Gentleman! I would like to invite you to a
place called... We are about to embark
on an adventure! I would like to invite you to a
place called... Meet
Lincoln Six Echo! And
Jordan Two Delta!
Lincoln Six Echo showed doubt in almost every aspect of his life. He always questioned who, what, when, where and why. One answer was never enough; he always wanted to explore the meaning and purpose of his life. In Lincoln's case, doubting his beliefs was a good thing because he was able to recognize the lies him and other clones were being told throughout their lives. Lincoln is very similar to a character by the name of Truman Burbank.
But before we start, I must say there is something about Lincoln and Jordan that may not appear so easily to the naked eye.... Lincoln and Jordan are
both clones. Throughout their entire lives, they have lived at a facility with other clones performing ordered duties such as... Eating programmed meals Wearing identical clothing and working the same jobs These clones were told that they are 'humans' who have survived a worldwide contamination that has killed almost every living thing on planet Earth... Little did they know that they were NOT humans and were actually replicas of REAL human beings. These 'clones' were used as insurance policies and could be killed at any time depending on their sponsors needs. Every clone at the facility was living in ignorance of this harsh reality until Lincoln Six Echo decided to question his surroundings Their success took place only through Lincoln's bravery to question his surroundings and think beyond what his initial beliefs were Lincoln's actions are great
concerns with the study of knowledge and building new information
from what we already know Philosophic Inquiry
consists of five steps: Asking
Questions Gathering
Information Finding Reasons Behind Information Forming a
Conclusion Proving
Conclusion Lincoln is a rationalist.
Even though everyone around him believed the same story...he still had the urge and dedication to learn more than what he was told. Lincoln shows aspects of Plato's Theory of Acquiring Knowledge. This theory pertains to gaining knowledge through observation, questioning, investigating, etc. Through Lincoln's birthing process, he picked up 'memories' from his sponsor which ultimately allowed him to question his surroundings. Plato believed that every human is born with this innate sense of wonder which ultimately helps us to gain knowledge. Lincoln DID NOT depend on his 'human' senses to realize that the world around him was a big synthetic lie. Lincoln was able to do this through his ability to use philosophic inquiry. Lincoln would ask simple
questions such as: Why do I eat the same food everyday?
What is the purpose of my job?
Who folds the clothes in my closet? When Lincoln couldn't find the answers to these questions, he decided to disregard everything he learned in the past and gathered information from exploring areas in the facility that he was suspicious of Lincoln discovered that all the clones who went to 'the island' were actually being killed for their sponsors needs. In response, Lincoln escaped the facility with Jordan in hopes to educate the world about WHAT was happening and educate themselves on WHY this was happening. Through Lincoln's curiosity and ability to be open minded, he was able to find out the unethical actions humans were doing to these clones. Lincoln told his good friend Jordan about this 'truth' and together, they were able to spread the word and free every clone in the facility. Lincoln and Jordan take action upon the wrongdoings of these humans. Through reasoning, they are able to educate themselves and other people about the injustice's taken place at the facility A man by the name of Albert Laurent realizes that these clones should be treated equally and teams up with Lincoln and Jordan exemplifying that humans and clones should all be treated equally. Their motivation allows them to free all the clones from the facility Their success took place through dealing with emotions of certainty and doubt.

The word certainty is used when a person can hold and accept their views and ideas. Certainty is a word pertaining to when one has no doubt that they could be mistaken in any way, shape or form.

The word doubt can be described when one second guess's their initial beliefs In the movie, The Truman Show, Truman Burbank lived his life in complete ignorance just like Lincoln and the other clones. Regardless of what Truman's family and friends told him, he still continued to doubt his reality. Through Lincoln and Truman's doubt, they were able to develop questions and ultimately find truthful answers exemplifying certainty within their lives. An important part of EPISTEMOLOGY is recognizing the difference between Rationalism and Empiricism.

Rationalism is focused on finding the truth through experience and physical evidence by not relying on basic human senses.
Empiricism is the concept of using sensory to obtain information.

Though these aspects are very different from each other, they can both help one to gain knowledge.

For example...

In the story, The Allegory of the Cave, one of the cave members was able to find truth through Empiricism.
His curiosity to learn more about the world allowed him to come out of the cave he was living in throughout his life. It wasn't through his past experiences or evidence that allowed him to gain knowledge when realizing that there was more to life than just the cave he lived in. It was his basic human senses that allowed him acknowledge his surroundings. He found out what sunlight was when the burning sensation on his eyes from the rays pressed against his face. Altogether, his knowledge of the greater world was gained through his basic human senses. This orderly way of life is all the clones have ever known. As a result, their perception of a real human being is flawed. Every 'person' in the facility performs the same duties on a day to day basis which reduces their ability to think abstractly. Furthermore, this ties along with Aristotle, the philosopher, and his belief that “we develop the idea of a human being by observing many human beings”. Ultimately, all the clones believed they were 'humans' because they had never seen anything other than clones. Thank You for your Time! John Locke, an English philosopher, did not believe that using the concepts of a rationalist would help the process of 'gaining knowledge'. Through Lincoln's hardships and dedication to his beliefs he has proved Locke's theory to be wrong. His belief states that all of our knowledge has to come from experience and cannot solely come form cold stone evidence. Throughout Lincoln's time at the facility, he knew nothing more than what he was taught. Because he was so limited with experience and education, he took it upon himself to discover more of the unknown regardless of the strict circumstances he was living in. Lincoln is very similar to a 16 year old girl from Afghanistan
named Malala Yousafzai
Malala lives in a country where many girls are not allowed to receive an eduction. This young girl began to question herself, her family, her community and eventually the world of why this injustice continued to take place in her country. She publicly preached to media about girls rights for education and as a result, she was shot in the head and neck by two Taliban fighters. Though Malala's country told her she could not go to school; she disregarded these comments and took it upon herself to gain knowledge and receive information through school. She was a female student who wanted nothing else but to learn and understood that developing experience and evidence was possible through school. Like Lincoln, though Malala did not have the education, she did everything she could to try to gain knowledge for her own well-being showing the true meaning of epistemology.
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