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Vincent Gasparini's Prezi.

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maryann carroll

on 8 June 2015

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Transcript of Vincent Gasparini's Prezi.

Why Do People Feel Pain?
By Vincent Gasparini

Chronic Pain.
To treat chronic pain, you must use different strategies.You can lower the pain by doing occupying, fun activities and redirecting your thoughts and your brain activity will quiet down.
Where Does Stress Come From?
Stress can come from injuries or illnesses. The stress may be from response to immediate danger, which is acute stress. When you are experiencing tough situations in life, you might experience chronic stress.
What Is Pain?
Pain's purpose is to make you keep away from bodily harming things. Your nerves send signals to the brain to get away immediately because it hurts and you don’t want it to get worse.
Different Kinds of Pain.
Injuries that are only temporary cause acute pain. Then, there is chronic pain that lasts for a longer time period. Chronic pain happens when there was no cause for the injury, like a virus or something serious like cancer.
Dealing With The Pain
I chose this picture because it shows a handicapped person dealing with their pain and stress by having fun while playing hockey.
Stress can be helpful in everyday situations, but too much is very unhealthy. If you have too much stress, pain levels may rise.Brain chemicals that release pain can come from stress and anxiety. For example, if you are really afraid of getting a shot, it can hurt worse because of your negative thoughts.

Treating Pain.
To relieve the pain on acute injuries, like a sprain, use a nice, cold ice pack. For more serious and long-lasting injuries, use a heating pad to loosen the muscles and help get rid of the pain. They can also help lessen the pain with menstrual cramps. Over-the-counter pain medications can only relieve some temporary pains.

The Websites I Used Were:

Ouch! What a PAIN!- 12/01/07
What You Can Do To Ease The Pain-1/13/15

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