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Honor Killings in Pakistan

No description

Ashley Van Sickle

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Honor Killings in Pakistan

stones thown at them
burned in fire
throats and/or stomachs are slit Video about a women who survived her families rash actions Video about why a male killed his wife and two others What is an Honor Killing? Where else does it take place? How many women experience it? Started in Pakistan in 1200 B.C. (Rights Commisions Documnet...).
5,000 women are murdered every year around the world
600-900 women are killed in Pakistan every year (Global Issues In Context). Organizations helping in Pakistan Honor Killings When a male relative murders a female family member to regain family honor. Why are these women being killed? If a man thinks the woman brings shame to the family; she is killed If the woman has sexual relations outside of the marriage; she is killed If the woman wants a divorce; she is killed If the woman has different political beliefs from a male family member: she is killed (Global issues in Context). If a woman refuses an arranged marriage; she is killed. http://www.cnn.com/2012/08/20/world/asia/pakistan-honor-confession http://www.cnn.com/2013/04/04/world/asia/afghanistan-honor-killing-survivor How are women killed? Why should we care? There are thousands of women being killed every year by family relatives because they believe they bring shame to the family. Many of these women are forced to marry someone they do not want to marry. They must live with the harsh conditions and limited freedoms these men put them on. If the female decides to try to escape her current husband and live her life with someone who treats her with respect, she is then killed (Coren Adams, CNN.com). It really all comes down to how few rights these women have and because of it they are killed. In this country and religion, men are clearly more surperior to women and these women have all most nothing they can do to fight back. Obstacles for women 1. Courts reduce sentences for those who participate in an honor killing (don't enforce)
2. Justice System is very ineffective
3. Police and authorities do not report honor killings (Syah Reza, CNN.com).
4. Murderers can give court money in exchange for their life
5. Women do not have as many rights as men Is it against the law? Yes, it is against the law in Pakistan. When there is an honor killing, the killer is supposed to be taken to court and it is supposed to be treated like a murder. However, the Pakistani court allows the murderer to give a certain amount of money to them in exchange for no punishment. Also, in many instances police officers and other authorities do not report honor killings and allow them to continue. Despite the fact it is against the law, the number of cases doesn't go down (Rights Commisions Document...). by: Ashley Van Sickle Most common in Islamic Countries and in poor rural areas.
Middle East, Asia, Latin America, and Africa
There have been instances of Muslims who live in the United States who have done this. Court handles this like a murder and the killers are usually sentenced to death (New York TImes). What they have done:
women can call help centers on hotlines
spread awareness
protests to enforce banning honor killings
provide shelters for women how have survived or who have escaped harsh conditions of a potential killing
encouraging communities to think twice about killing these women **Warning this video has disturbing footage** Essential Questions What is an Honor Killing?
Why are these women being killed?
How are women killed?
How many women experience it?
Where else does it take place?
Is it against the law?
What are some obstacles for these women?
What are organizations doing to help?
Why should we care? These videos are not the same situation In conclusion, Organizations Resolving the problem Some Organizations:
Human Rights Commision of Pakistan
Pakistans Women Association
Amnesty International
UN- Declaration on the Elimination of Violence Against Women Bibliography

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not okay to to kill a woman My Thoughts (Global Issues in Context). (Honor Killings Index).
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