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Analysis. Retold.

No description

Kylee Gilles

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of Analysis. Retold.

Analysis. Retold.
"Contrary to popular Belief, Bey isnt always BAE."
Now, let's plan a paragraph using the guide on the handout...
Topic sentence:

The first sentence identifies which section of the text you are discussing and the main idea of that section.
Second sentence:

conveys the writer’s support for the main idea by identifying and providing a specific example for one rhetorical strategy used by the writer. [This sentence is repeated if you want to discuss more than one rhetorical strategy.]
You must make your "conversation" come full-circle... or triangle?!?!
Intro- Thesis Statement
TAG (title, author, genre)
third sentence
how the rhetorical strategies
you discussed in the previous sentences help the writer achieve his purpose by using an in order to statement.
Attention Grabber

analogy or comparison
statement of problem /popular misconception
intriguing or paradoxical statement
Sylvia Plath, author of the poem, "Daddy",
Body Paragraphs
use your topic sentence as an opportunity to reinforce your thesis
S peaker
O ccasion
A udience
Refer to handout
Identify the part of the text you are analyzing by using transition words and strong verbs to explain what is being said.
Identify the strongest rhetorical strategies used in that particular section.
This includes incorporating specific text examples
Do NOT try to discuss every strategy the writer uses; pick the strongest!
Clearly and specifically explain how the rhetorical strategies are used to help the writer achieve his purpose and reach his audience.
The above items must be woven together seamlessly into one sophisticated paragraph of the body of your analysis essay.
move chronologically through text
#winning #oscarequalsanine

What is the Author Saying? How is he/she doing it? Why? Effect/Affect?

Please, make sure you are answering the following in each body paragraph:
Practice: Listen & Look
Ronald Reagan, Presidential address Challenger
now... think of another strategy that Reagan uses in his address...
(Writer’s last name) (transition word) his/her (type of text) by (strong verb) that (main idea of this section of the text).
He appeals to the mournful emotions of the audience by admitting that he and Nancy are “pained to the core” (3), that today is rightfully a “day for mourning and remembering” (2-3), and that the accident is “truly a national loss” (4).
Reagan begins his tribute to the Challenger astronauts by acknowledging that the shuttle accident has appropriately postponed his planned State of the Union address and by expressing the depth of his and his wife’s personal grief.
He joins in this time of mourning in order to unify the nation and humbly admit that “we share this pain with all of the people of our country” (4).
The fourth sentence identifies the effect of the writer’s use of these rhetorical strategies on the audience.
This outpouring of emotion from the president conveys a calming tone that reassures the Nation that their grief is both understandable and proper.
Thus completing entire Triangle
Keep it brief, One-two sentences that restate what you said in your introduction.
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