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"Love Must Not Be Forgotten"

No description

Jess Wilson

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of "Love Must Not Be Forgotten"

"Love Must Not Be Forgotten"

"I think this judgement showed prescience because I still have that old weakness," (1064).
adj. Acting in a strictly right or proper way
"I found it amusing watching this old cadre listening respectfully to the policeman's strictures," (1068).
Point of View
The perspective that the story is told.
"I loved her so much that the thought of her leaving me makes my heart ache,"(1064).
"I am thirty, the same year as our peoples Republic," (1063).
Man vs. Himself
Why Selected?
It has a very deep internal conflict.
It is very well written.
It has a cultural setting.
Readers can relate easily to the narrator's feelings.
The author is very intimate.
It gives the important message, follow your heart and don't let others make decisions for you.
Why Read?
The story is very moving.
It is very emotional and sad.
It is not long, since it is a short story.
Readers can relate easily to the narrator's feelings of confusion.
It gives the important message, follow your heart.
Jessica Wilson
By: Zhang Jie
n. knowledge of something before it happens
"Actually, I have a
bona fide suitor," (1063).
"I think of my mother too,"(1064).
"I had no right to ask either, not being your wife or friend...so we are torn apart, (1070).
"Although living in the seventies of the twentieth century, people still consider marriage the way they a mellennia ago," (1064).
"For instance whenever she left Beijing on a trip..." (1066).
"I remember, I often cried all night for no rhyme or reason..."(1064).
"How wretched Mother must have been, deprived of the man to whom she was devoted," (1068).
"But I can't make up my mind to marry him. I'm not clear what attracts me to him or him to me," (1063).
"But I still can't make up my mind," (1064).
A struggle between opposing forces.
The authors attitude toward the story.
The location and time the story takes place.
China 1970's
The feeling the reader gets from the story.
A young women contemplates the decision of marriage; to marry for love or not. Torn between the two options, she remembers some advice her mother gave. She then reflects on her mother's journal, bringing back memories of her.
n. criticisms
My mother's strictures didn't phase me; I didn't change.
"Strict, scrupulous, distinguished, transparently honest - that was my impression of him," (1067).
Scrupulous children always get good grades.
My prescience, about the weather, kept me dry.
Literary Elements
1st Person
It gives the readers insight into the main characters thoughts, memories and emotions.
It made the readers feel sad. It also connected the reader with the feelings the narrator and the mother felt.
It gave the story a cultural background. It also places the story in the past.
The authors feelings of sadness comes through and makes the reader feel even more sad and depressed while reading.
This gives the story a plot. It allows the conflict to take place within the mind of the main character, as she struggles with the decision to marry.
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