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My Culture

No description

Isaiah Samson

on 21 September 2013

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Transcript of My Culture

Isaiah's Culture
My Family
My family comes from all corners of the Earth. From Africa, to Asia, to Europe, to Canada. My family is culturally diverse. My family is represented by 4 of the 7 continents. They come from over 8 different countries and thats just from the last 6 generations.
But today I will take about Canada. My Grandmother (on my father side ) is 5 generations Canadian. I have family from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia to Victoria, British Columbia Columbia.Atlantic Provinces and in British Columbia.
In WW1 and WW2 Canada followed Britain off to war. I have ancestors that fought in WW1 and WW2. In WW1 my great-nana's 3 uncles(great-great-great uncles) went to war. 3 brothers went, 1 came home. Alex McLeod, James McLeod and Buller McLeod all served in the Canadian Expeditionary Forces. Of the three brothers, only one came home: Alex. James was 21 and was killed at Vimy Ridge on April 9, 1917 (Canada's great victory of WWI and considered the birth place of Canadian identity.), Henry "Buller" signed up after hearing of his younger brother James' death and was later killed himself the following November 1917 at Passchendaele. Alex the sole survivor, was a bombardier and lost most of his hearing operating the big guns. When WWII broke out he trained Canadian Soldiers for service before they were sent overseas During WWII, my great grandad (Rex Page) was an airplane mechanic for the Royal Canadian Air Force, and that is how he met my Great Nana who was a secretary in the RCAF. The war brought them together as he was from Vancouver, B.C. and she was from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. In addition, to my great grandparents serving in uniform, my great nana and her four other siblings served as well. Her brother Norman was a medic in the Canadian Army and he landed on Juno Beach on D-day in France, her sisters Eva and Alice both were in the RCAF as well, and her brother Robert served in the Royal Canadian Navy on convoy duties. My great nana and her siblings represent all three divisions of the Canadian Military. The picture of them was the pride and joy of my great-great Grandmother who hung this above her fireplace in her home in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia. My family has a proud record of serving Canada in the Armed forces.
Canada's Military Position
A French composer by the name of Philippe Rombi wrote I'm dreaming of home with the thought of trenches in mind. It's all in french but the English translation basically speaks of him longing for the Canadian outdoors. He's dreaming of home in Canada instead of the bloody trenches of Europe. It was remade for the movie Joyeux Noel.

Come, let us go unto Bethlehem

Where a King is born this night.

We have seen His star in the East afar,

Shedding forth a mystic light.

We have heard again the angels’ song

With its promise of hope to men –

A promise of peace that will never cease,

For tonight He is born again.

Stop not at the inn along the way,

Though weary of mind and limb.

There’s no room for those whom our Leader chose.

Indeed, there was none for Him.

Forget your weariness, Christian men.

Travel bravely on till morn

On the narrow road to the humble abode

Where our Saviour Lord is born.

Let us follow the star to the Prince of Peace,

Bringing gifts of devotion and love,

To the Christ who came bearing God’s own name,

The Christmas gift from above.

The way may still be long and rough

But the star of faith shines bright,

And He’s born again, in the hearts of men

Who seek Him this holy night.

Alice Seward

The Presbyterian Message December 2010

Alice Seward was a member of St. Paul’s AMS Auxiliary in Glace Bay, N.S.
Remember my great-great aunt Alice? She lived in Glace Bay, in Nova Scotia. She was a little well known poet and wrote several different poems that were well known where she lived. This one is called The Holy Night.
Poutine originated in Quebec as fast food bust has now spread around the world. It is french fries, thick or light gravy and cheese curds. But poutine now has many different variations including New Jersey Poutine, Greek and Italian Poutine. Poutine is Canada's 10th greatest inventions according to CBC IN 2007.
This is the Book of Remembrance. Most soldiers that died defending Canada are this book, so are my great-great-great uncles.
My great-great-great uncle's Attestation Paper
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