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Social Media + Online Games

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florrie florence

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of Social Media + Online Games

Then we asked, which of the following video/mobile/online games do you play? The choices were some very new games or popular games.
Next, we asked what social media do you use? They chose from a list of the most popular sites.
Which of the following video/mobile/online games do you play?
What Social Media Sites Do You Use?
Tuesday, March 11, 2014
By Argoed E-Cadets
Which year group are you in?
E-Cadets - Social Media + Online Games
This months E-Cadets task was to find out what 'Social Media + Online Games' pupils in year 7 and 8 and some other years use. We also used a website called 'Survey Monkey'.

As you can see to the left, we first asked some forms to tell us what year they are in. 73.63% were in year 7, 16.48% were in year 8 and 9.89% were other. 91 people took part in the survey in total.
Argoed News
Here is some data from the survey. It shows that 'Skype' was the most popular with 65 people that use it. In joint second place with 61.11% is 'Instagram' and 'Snapchat'. One of the least popular sites is, 'Flickr' with 3 people that use it. Coming in last with no people using it is, 'Linkedin'.
Down below is a list of games resulting from the survey. The most popular game is 'Flappy Bird' with 88.04% using it. In second place is 'Temple Run' with 66 people using it. Also coming lower in the ranking is 'Garage Mod' with only 6 people using this game. Finally, in last position is 'Counter Strike' with 5.43% playing this game.
Argoed E-Cadets
Thank you for watching!

The Argoed E-Cadets:
Florence Wilkie - Year 7
Liam Davies - Year 8
Elise Hadfield-Jones -Year 8
Oliver Brooks - Year 7
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