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Mulan's Hero Journey

No description

allison fuson

on 17 November 2016

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Transcript of Mulan's Hero Journey

The Hero's Journey


Common Mythic Elements
Call to Adventure
When Mulan leaves her home pretending to be a soldier in order to bring honor to her family, by fighting in the battle to defeat the Huns.
Refusal of the Call
She does not want to leave her family but realizes she must go in order to protect her old father who has become weak.
Supernatural Aid
Mulan's supernatural aid is Mushu the Dragon, who helps her pretend to be a soldier and to help save China.
Crossing the Threshold
She crosses the first threshold when she is trying to convince everyone at the training camp that she is a man.
Entering the Belly of the Whale
When Mulan goes from being a peaceful girl to becoming Ping where she is apart of the battle between the Chinese and the Huns. She travels with the troops across the country to fight.
Meeting with the Goddess
When Mulan realizes that she loves Shang she cannot be with him because it could reveal her secret. She shows this when she saves him in the avalanche. She puts her cricket, horse, dragon, and her self's life in danger.
Atonement with the Father
When Mulan is discovered as woman, her life is spared but she is left behind in the cold.
Apotheosis (becoming god-like)
She becomes god-like when the Emperor bows to her followed by the rest of the country.
The Ultimate Boon
When Mulan saves the emperor from Shan-Yu, the emperor gives her gifts to honor the Fa family.
The Magic Flight
Mulan risked her own life to save the emperor and kingdom from Shan-Yu. After everyone is saved she returns home on her horse Khan.
Rescue from Without
When Mulan and Shan-Yu are fighting on the roof of the emperor's palace, Mushu helps her by blowing Shan-Yu up with fireworks.
Crossing the Return Threshold
Mulan returns home with gifts but is also seeking forgiveness from her family.
Master of the two Worlds
Mulan learned the importance of worthiness and honoring her family as well as knowing about the cruelty of the war.
Freedom to live
Mulan is neither dwelling on the past or worried about the future. Now she can be who she wants to be and not who everyone else wants her to be.
The mentor- Shang is her mentor because he taught her how to be a man, how to fight, and to be strong.
Animal Familiar- Her familiar would be her lucky cricket and Mushu.
Talisman- Her fathers armor and sword she took.
The movie Mulan proves Campbell's "Hero Theory"
Two Worlds (mundane and special)- The peaceful world of Mulan, and the cruel war world of Ping
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