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Student Coursework Presentation

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Martina Greaney

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Student Coursework Presentation

Year 13
A2 level Coursework and Portfolio Preparation
Year 13
Research, Analysis,
Annotation and Evaluation
Mural Club
Year 13 student Andreea was assigned the position
of Mural Project Manager. She designed, planned
and constructed a mural for the school grounds. She successfully managed the Mural Art Club under my supervision.
Year 12
AS level coursework
and examination work
Year 12
Observational Drawing
Year 10
GCSE coursework and mock examination work
Year 9
Key Stage 3
landscapes, portraits
and mask making
Year 8
Key Stage 3 sculpture, painting and drawing
Key Stage 3
Drawing, painting, illustration and puppet design
Year 7
Parents Art Club
I have worked with parents of the students at BSB focusing on a different themes and subject matter each term, allowing them to develop their skills in drawing, painting and mixed media
Parents Art Club
Our main focus during this term was landscape
Production Club
Students from Year 6-10 worked on the design and construction for our bi-annual Theatre Productions
Production Design
Eco Fashion Show
Creating designs out of recycled materials. Teachers and students were encouraged to get creative in conjunction with the Design Technology department
My design for the Fashion Show
Art Exhibition
Student work on display during our bi-annual Art Exhibitions
Year 11
GCSE coursework and examination work
Here is a sample of my students' art work. I have included work from Key Stages 3, 4 and 5 and also from the adult class and extra-curricular activities. This also includes cross-curricular activities with departments such as Drama and MFL.
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