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Birth Control Methods

Day 4 Appendix A

Nicole Akaran

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of Birth Control Methods

At some point in your lives, you will be ready to transition out of abstinence. This information should help you to make a healthy choice, when the need arises.
Birth Control Methods
Types of Birth Control
How to use it:Not engaging in any sexual contact with another person.
Prevention: Pregnancy, STDs and HIV.
Effectiveness:100% against pregnancy and STDs and HIV.
Male Condom
How to use it:polyurethane sheath that is put into the vagina up to 8 hours before sex.
Prevention:Pregnancy, STDs and HIV.
Female Condom
Type:Barrier and Hormonal
How to use it:T-shaped piece of plastic and metal that is inserted into the female’s uterus.
Paraguard (Non-hormonal, 10 years)
Mirena (hormonal, 5 years)
Prevention: Pregnancy.
Effectiveness: 99%.
Type: Hormonal
How to use it: One pill taken orally each day at the same time.
Prevention: Pregnancy.
Effectiveness: 99.9%
Birth Control Pills
Birth Control Patch
How to use it: Receive a shot in the upper arm every 3 months.
Prevention: Pregnancy.
Effectiveness: 97-99%.
Depo-Provera Shots
Type: Hormonal.
How to use it: Placed under skin of upper arm for up to 3 years.
Prevention: Pregnancy.
Effectiveness: 99%.
Type: Hormonal.
How to use it: Put patch on back, hip or butt anc change every 3 weeks, 4th week you don't wear it and get your period.
Prevention: Pregnancy.
Effectiveness: 92-99%.
Type: Barrier
How to use it: tight fitting latex rolls down over penis.
Prevention: pregnancy, STDs and HIV.
Effectiveness: 85%
Type: Hormonal.
How to use it: Insert into vagina and it sits below cervix and leave it in for 3 weeks, then take out for a week to have period.
Prevention: Pregnancy.
Effectiveness: 92-99%.
Birth Control Ring
Plan B
Type: Hormonal
How to use it: Take orally within 3 days after having unprotected sex.
Prevention: Pregnancy.
Effectiveness: 72 hours (89%) and 24 hours (95%).
Male Condoms
Type: Barrier

Found as: Foams, creams and jellies.

How to use it: Insert into vagina using an applicator or your fingers before sexual intercourse and must wait 10 minutes before having sexual intercourse to ensure effectiveness.

Prevention: Pregnancy by preventing sperm from moving and blocks cervix so sperm cannot fertilize an egg.

Effectiveness: 71% alone and 97% effective when used with a latex condom.
How to use it:disc-shaped device that contains spermicide. It must be place in the vagina prior to sexual contact.
Effectiveness: 82%
Diaphragm and Cervical Cap
Type: Barrier
How to use it:
Diaphram-cup with a flexible rim that covers the entrance to the cervix
Cervial Cap-small latex cup that fits snugly over the cervix
Prevention: Pregnancy
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