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Someone’s Netflix rental history is being used as evidence in a murder case because this person rented a lot of horror movies.

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Imraan Karim

on 3 September 2014

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Transcript of Someone’s Netflix rental history is being used as evidence in a murder case because this person rented a lot of horror movies.

Someone’s Netflix rental history is being used as evidence in a murder case because this person rented a lot of horror movies.
By: Imraan, Anirudh, Maya, and Alexander
The people who were affected by the Netflix information were not really at fault because Netflix history does not prove anything, especially if this is proving someone is a murder. Batman could like scary movies but not be a murder therefor this person should not be convicted of murdering people just because they like scary movies!
This doesn't make me a soccer player
This Doesnt Make You
6. Think about what data you’ve made available in different places/spaces such as Facebook, Twitter, texting, Netflix, email, at the grocery store, etc. What might other people think about who you are based on these data? Is it an accurate impression of who you are?

People might think all I do for instance is play games like Minecraft or Asphalt or post pictures on social media as listed above like facebook, Twitter, Texting. They might be wondering why is he such a computer addict or electronic addict. People also may think that I hate running around playing football or like to swim. Maybe some of them might think I am a very Lazy and useless person and spends his life on the computer which pretty much sums it up. If I was the person maybe that is what people could think of me. But I could always change their opinion of me. Like I can start running or start playing in the gym or even playing football. I can join a team and it would help me get a lot of exercise instead of being a computer freak all day long. This could change everyones opinion on you and you can become a much better person in academics and socially.
So just because this guy
watches My Little Pony he
should not be convicted
of being a murderer?
• Privacy - It is nobody's business knowing what movies you watch on Netflix!
• Safety - Your personal information is being used without your permission!
• Globalization - Information you put on the internet is there for anyone in the world to see!
• Connectivity- renting movies, reviews and recommending movies is a form of connectivity
• Permanence of historical information - If you delete something it will never go.
Imraan Karim - Tech 7
Did people have the right to use the information, or should it have been private? Why?
- In this situation, the court requested the information, so they had a right
-Information, on any computer, from ANY database is accessible by the U.S. government
- The information should not have been used, because it is irrelevant
- Courts and Government should only be allowed to pry on users when suspected in serious crimes
- Personal Information should be kept private, users should feel that their information is private
Someone has the right to rent many horror movies but that doesn't prove that he did anything against the law.You can't judge a person for what they do on a public site. It's like me telling U14 soccer coach that he wants to try out because he watched GOAL! twice. Something as common as horror movies can't be used as evidence in a crime scene!
this is like if you count how many people come to the movies to watch a movie about a murder you can't accuse all of them for murder. The point is you can't judge anybody by there netflix history or there. likes and dislikes.
Anirudh Kumar

Alex Saad-Tech7
By Imraan, Alex, Maya and Anirudh
If this guy is watching a scary movie, should he be convicted of murder?
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