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My Obssesion Of Dance

No description

Vanessa Banya

on 7 April 2011

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Transcript of My Obssesion Of Dance

My Obsession Of Dance ! I've been dancing ever since I have been able to stand on my feet. My parents say that whenever they played music I would always dance along to it and laugh. I've been taking dance classes for 6 years now, this year I'm taking jazz ballet, last year I took break dance and hip hop, and all the years before that I took African cultural dance and contemporary. For me dance is something that I can feel happy about, when I'm dancing I feel like there is no bad in the world and I can just take my mind of things and express my feelings throughout movement. So I guess this is how my obesession supports my sense of self and makes me feel.
Most of my friends know that I take dance and they're always asking me if they can come and watch, but I tell them they can't because I guess I get shy around them, and if I get shy I might make a mistake during my performance, and well that wouldn't make me very happy. If dance was not to be my obession then it would probably be volleyball or soccer because I have also been playing these two sports since grade three and well soccer and volleyball are the only two sports that I can actually play. But I myself think that I am way better at soccer than volleyball even though I like volleyball better, oh well :) Contemporary Break happiness Hip hop Dance Music LIVE LAUGH LOVE performance Volleyball Soccer
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