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Traveling On/Around the Arabian Peninsula

2 Types of Transportation Used In the Arabian Peninsula

Neil Tank

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Traveling On/Around the Arabian Peninsula

By: Neil Tank Traveling On/Around the Arabian Peninsula During the early 600’s, there were following two modes of transportation used frequently for various reasons such as trading, business, and travel on or around the Arabian Peninsula:
The Dromedary Camel

The Arabian Dhow About This Presentation A Brief Description About Camels The Dromedary camel has many useful aspects. A dromedary camel is just like the Bactrian camel. A Dromedary camel has one hump. These camels are very strong too.

Dromedary Camel A camel was used in the military. The soldiers rode the camels just like we used to ride horses. Camels were used in battles as rides.
A camel was used for plowing farms and fields. Many farmers used this method.
A camel is used for food. Some Arabians used to eat camel meat and drink camel milk. Camel meat was usually served at banquets and was a delicacy for everyone. Mostly rich people ate this meat.
A camel was used in a camel caravan. It was used to carry heavy weight and traders. Camel Uses A camel can be very fast at times of need.

A camel can drink so much of water that it can last up to 50 days without water!
Islamic people believed that camel urine and milk can prevent diseases, dandruff flakes, and can make hair shiny and thick.
A camel can be very docile. A Camel’s Advantages A camel can be very stubborn. Just like a donkey.

A camel can spit and kick a person if the camel doesn't like that person A Camel’s Disadvantages Arabian Dhows are boat that were used around the Arabian Peninsula, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and East Africa. Arabian Dhows are invented by the Arabians. Dhows are made out of wood. These boats travel south in the monsoon season in winter or early spring; then they come back in late spring or early summer. The navigators used a tool called the kamal, a tool which navigates by finding the angle of the pole star. A brief Description About The Arabian Dhow Arabian Dhows were used to carry heavy goods like fruit, fresh water, and merchandise.
Arabian Dhows can also be used to carry people on short voyages. Arabian Dhow Uses The lateen sails provide lots of maneuverability.
Arabian Dhow Changing Course

Dhows tend to be fast boats because of their “for-and-aft rig” An Arabian Dhow’s Advantages An Arabian Dhow’s Advantages
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