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No description

Mira Vartiainen

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of ALASKA

North to the future ALASKA GENERAL
INFORMATION HISTORY STATE SYMBOLS FUN FACTS Sitka spruce Forget-me-not Moose Mount McKinley Dog mushing Capital: Juneau Motto: North to the future
Population : 731 449 (2012) Governor: Sean Parnell Location NATURE GEOGRAPHY & SOCIAL REGIONS SOUTH CENTRAL INTERIOR SOUTHWEST NORTHERN ALASKA SOUTHEAST ALASKA ANCHORAGE FAIRBANKS YUKON RIVER GLACIER BAY RELIGION & ETHNIC GROUPS Christian 78 % buddhist 10 % no religion 7 % LDS 4 % other religion 1 % ECONOMY Willow Ptarmigan Alaskan malamute THANK YOU ! Mira 9c FAMOUS PEOPLE Benny Benson Susan Butcher Ray Mala Most populous region in Alaska. Biggest city is Anchorage Largest city is Barrow Massive reserves of oil ALASKA North to the future Black or African American 4,7 % American Indian and Alaskan Native 19,1 % Asian 7,1 % White 66,6 % Hispanics and Latinos 5,5 % GOLD DUMB LAWS THANK YOU ! Mira Vartiainen 9c LANDSCAPE
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