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Coen Steel

No description

Paul Herr

on 20 May 2017

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Transcript of Coen Steel


To understand the concept of rigour when conducting survey research
To understand how rigour can be maintained in the different stages of the research method

Survey Research
"There is no better method of research than the sample survey for determining, with a known level of accuracy, detailed and personal information about large populations" Rea and Parker (2014)
Rigour when conducting survey research
Description of the survey instrument
Data Interpretation
Use of appropriate methods and strategies to ensure

That will enhace and ensure validity and reliability
Thank you
Concept of Rigour
"Is essentially the concept of showing people clearly that your research was carried out in a way that is appropriate and technically sound from theorisation to final analysis" Lee and Lings (2008)
Enhancing the perception of rigour
Research Rigour
Context: Conducting

Survey Research

Enhancing the perception of rigour
Use appropriate Strategies and methods
Recognising and explaining your own part in creating the interpretation
Findings applicable to other situations
Other researchers may carry out more research based on your findings
Rigour Mortis hits the .....
"Is a systematic and orderly approach taken towards collection of data so that information can be obtained from those data" Jankowicz (1995)
Are particular, step by step procedures which you can follow to gather data, and analyse them for the information they contain.
Focus group
Key informant interview
Semi-structure, open-ended
Fully structured
Evidence of a decision trail:
Ensuring all data was recorded and no data was lost because of unreliable audio recording or unaccurate transcribing.
Recorded material available for inspection or auditing
Validity and dependability are enhanced by a transparent process
Describing the process
Particpant consultation
Rigour is enhanced by describing and interpreting experiences
Consulting with participants and discussiong findings
Findings can fit into other contexts
Readers can apply findings to their own experiences
Research meeting the criterion of transferability
Valididty and reliability of the survey instrument
Measuring in a reproducible manner
Measuring what it is supposed to measuring
Data to be coded , analysied and reported
Identify any abiguity in questions or wordings
Try out the survey instrument
Insights gained to improve quality
Detect problems with validity and reliability
Clarity descring how the pilot was carried out.
Analysis, Interpretaion & dissemination
Thematic analysis - theoretically flexible approach to analysis qualitative data
It illustrates the data in great detail and deals with diverse subjects via interpretations (Boyatzis 1998).

Doubt ?
How can fifteen hundred respondents represent millions of people?

Why should two thousand television viewers dictate to program directors on a national scale what all Irish people should watch?

The systematic application of technique
Theoretical underpinnings
Procedural applications
Analysis of the data
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