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No description

gioacchino ghini

on 15 June 2013

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Transcript of Laddering

or have a romantic dinner..
For example, you can...
buy a relaxing holiday
go to a health farm
We wanted to lead the interviewees to a critical thinking about the linkages between the attributes given to the products and their personal motivations
Why did we use the Laddering technique?
What is it?
A technique used in clinical qualitative research. It is carried out by in-depth one-on-one interwiews based on the Means-End Theory (Gutman, 1982)
How was this possible?
From the attributes (A), we traced back to the consequences (C) and values (V) that made the product unique to the respondents
for example:
in order to develop a deep understanding of Groupon's customers, we learned the Laddering procedure
a Qualitative Research is..
a way to collect primary data from small samples of customers
a way to produce insights into customer behavior
using an abstraction process led by the question “why is this important for you?” we shifted the focus of our probe from the product to the person
but let's move on...
it is the best way to do original gifts!
I like surprising my friends..
I feel satisfied
Why is this important for you?
example of an interview:
Can you suggest me some reasons for which you use Groupon?
Why is it important for you to make original gifts?
Groupon's hierarchical value map
It is reasonable to say then, that the interviewees use this social network to spend an awesome time with their friends,
to go shopping..
and to visit new places
They are usually not addicted, which sometimes happens with other social-medias
they use it on average twice a week
difficulties in abstracting
finding Groupon's users
making them focus on their behaviour rather than their buyings
the respondents gave similar answers
a few issues we faced:
A research made by:
Monica Montecalvo
Giulia Pelagalli
Alice Visinelli
Eleonora Vaccari
Gioacchino Ghini
Thomas Fadimiluyi
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