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Geography McDonald's Presentation

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Nia Lassiter

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Geography McDonald's Presentation

May 15, 1940: McDonalds is formed in San Bernardino, California by Richard and Maurice McDonald (Dick and Mac McDonald)
Note: It Started out as a Barbeque Restaurant April 15, 1955:
McDonald's Cooperation is founded in Des Plaines, Illinois By Ray Kroc
Note: In 1948 The business strategy was changed from Barbeque to strictly Hamburgers Zimbabwe (Economic Reasons)
As of 2011 Zimbabwe is among the few countries to have not incorporated a McDonalds in their country.
Its developing but without McDonalds
McDonalds was planned to be built for over 10 years economic and financial crisis
Current plans for one but they have not undergone North Korea (Political Reasons)
Communist government
the country doesn't want any type of McDonalds food chain
Relationship with the USA
Hardly any western chains are in North Korea Recent McDonalds Facts:
34,000 + restaurants worldwide
Located in Over 119 countries
68 million consumers
As of 2011, received over 27 billion in revenue
Future Plans: The start of vegetarian only restaurants in 2013 (India) •In Vietnam, people don't earn much money and don't eat much beef--and don't show signs of doing either any time soon.
•More afraid of being americanized and not understanding that the food sold would accommodate that of the typical food of the country.
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