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Windshield Survey: Bloomington

No description

Alexis Sparkman

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Windshield Survey: Bloomington

Bars and Liquor stores seem to be a priority on and near the IU campus
Heavy drinking is a popular activities done by students under and over the legal drinking age of 21
In the state of Indiana no alcohol is sold on Sundays
Kilroy's Bar and Grill
Kilroy's Sports Bar
Yogi's Grill and Bar
Coaches Bar and Grill
Scotty's Brewhouse
The Irish Lion
Big Red Liquor Store(s)
Most any convenient and grocery store sells alcohol including Walgreens, CVS, Wal-Mart, Kroger, Marsh.
Drug paraphernalia is harder to find than alcohol/liquor however there is a “smoke” shop called 421, which sell bongs and other accessories for doing drugs. Spencer’s in the College Mall has the weed symbol on a lot of their products.

By: Abby Rogers, Claire Sands, Alexis Sparkman, Riley Spears, Taylor Titus
Bloomington, IN
Windshield Survey

"Gateway to Scenic Southern Indiana"
Located in Monroe County
Founded in 1818
Population: Approximately 140,000 with students
Random Facts
Oldest and largest operating winery-Oliver Winery
The movie "Breaking Away" was filmed in Bloomington
Little 500
Most restaurants per capita in the entire country
Bloomington is a vibrant, growing community fostered by the diverse university
As students it is our responsibility to make our home the best it can be by determining strengths and weaknesses and what can be done to make our home even better
Rental Homes (often very worn down!)
Residential Homes (middle class)
Fraternities (new $4.5 million mansion)
Campus Dorms (Ashton vs. Briscoe)
Apartments (Brownstone Terrace vs. Rubicon)
IU Athletic Complex
Smith Road (corner of Smith and Third)
10th Street
IN 45/46 (Bypass)
Kinser Pike/Rogers
Second Street
Walnut Ave.
Third St.
Smith Road.
We surveyed both sides of the road we were traveling on, so if traveling east on Third Street, although our primary area was to the left of the street, we included business and information on the right side of the road as well.
Parks & Recreation Areas
Health Services & Social Service Agencies
Schools & Childcare
Protective Services
Communication & Culture
Deteriorating Environment

Assembly Hall
Memorial Stadium
Bart Kaufman Field
Bill Armstrong Stadium
IU Tennis Center
IU Golf Course
University Gym
Parks and playgrounds are present in our designated boundaries. All areas are used, some more so than others.
St. Charles
First United Methodist Church
Park Ridge Park
Recreational areas
B-Line Trail
IU outdoor pool
Campus/Local tennis courts
Buskirk Chumley Theater
IU Golf Course
Back Alley Bowling at the Union
Taxi Service available
IU Campus Bus Service
Bloomington Transit
Game day traffic
Parking garages/permit required
There several types of services within our boundaries including:
IU Health Center
Retirement homes (Meadowood)
Nursing homes (Bell Trace)
Social Services
Fire stations
Gas stations
Local and Chain Restaurants
Recreation centers
City Government
Salvation Army
Stone Belt
Red Cross
Habitat for Humanity
There were no public schools within our boundaries. There were no high schools present within the area.
St. Charles Catholic School Daycare/Preschool and K-8
The Project School K-8--Charter
Indiana University (Undergraduate and Graduate)
IU Campus Children's Center--Preschool
Campus View Child Care Center--Preschool
The Prep School Academy K-6--Private
IU High School (distance education)
Throughout the community there were several places of religion.
Most of these places were specifically churches.
St. Paul
St. Charles
Unitarian Universalist Church
Evangelical Community Church
First Presbyterian Church
First United Methodist Church
Student Fellowship Center (North Jordan)
No temples or mosques were observed.
Fire Department on 3rd street
IU Police Department Headquarters on 17th
Fire Department on 4th
Bloomington Police Department on 3rd
Emergency Light posts throughout campus
We saw no evidence of water treatment plants or sanitation services
The only evidence of gangs was graffiti, but the graffiti is not necessarily related to gangs, it is just a stereotypical connection.
The east side was less populated with walkers and more so with cars because the stores and houses are more spaced out.
Many people were out walking and biking throughout the entire area we surveyed, with many people out on campus and downtown especially at certain times when classes let out the sidewalks on campus are very congested.
Very welcoming town
Lots of homeless due to presence of churches and services
Diverse University
IU community and town are connected
feed off of each other
Lots of student and community groups and organizations
The MOST restaurants per capita in the ENTIRE COUNTRY
Current issue regarding historic houses with new need for modern technology
Emergency Call centers located on Campus
Cross walks
Reconstructing old and cracked sidewalks
Medical centers
Buses are convenient to those without another form of transportation
Landscaping throughout campus and around businesses
Easy to access athletic facilities
Interrelated community - Bloomington community and Indiana University
Major employers:
Indiana University Health Bloomington (Medical Services)
Indiana University (Education)
City of Bloomington (Governement)
Monroe Country (Government)
Indiana University Credit Union
Small Businesses
Gas stations
Grocery Stores
Local Businesses
Car Body Repair Shops
Local Restaurants
Chain Restaurants
Many homeless people along Kirkwood Avenue, in People's Park, and by the Monroe County Public Library
There is trash in the streets however it is not overwhelming or distracting.
The downtown area is extremely clean
New solar trash cans in the downtown area.
Outside of the downtown/Kirkwood area the trash is more prevalent and the streets are not as clean. .
Many people were smoking on campus and downtown n
No smoking in any restaurants or public buildings.
We didn’t see any smog or evidence of air pollution.
During times of heavy rain there is runoff into the streets and the Jordan River occasionally overflows
Lots of potholes
The university students tend to "abuse" the area more because it is not their "home" in the same sense as it is for the locals
Better walking/bike paths from the East side to downtown and campus area
10th and Smith - VERY DANGEROUS
Sidewalk needed on 17th Street
Bike paths with lights
Widened roads for cyclists
Repaved roads - lots of potholes from winter months
Increase in parking on campus
Increased awareness and knowledge of help centers, contacts, and services
replace or delete
2nd St.
45/46 (Bypass)
Bars & Liquor Stores
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