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All about special ed teachers!!!

All you need to know about special ed teachers!!!

danelle altman

on 14 June 2010

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Transcript of All about special ed teachers!!!

All about special ed teachers Salary Special ed teachers earn about $52,000, if they work at a elmentary school.
The median annual salary for special ed teachers is about $47,000. In most schools, special ed teachers can also enjoy extra pay for coaching sports and some teachers also earn extra income during the summer. If special ed teacher works at a child day care then they earn around $36,000. Hours of work The requied time for being a special ed teacher is 7 hours per school day, for all teachers, so thats 37 hours a week It is often that several special ed teachers at school stay up to 3 hours beyond contract time- some because they are new teachers and need to be there longer, but some are there because they want to be. Some special ed teachers stay about 1 extra hour each day for paper work, phone calls to parents or other things that need to be done what the job entails have to be organized Able to mange your time works part of a team have to be wiling to work hard have to enjoy kids accepts responsibitys communicates effectively, both orally and in writing with parents and students daily humor motivated be fair education and experience A 4 year undergraduate degree have in be in teachers collage for a year to get your bahelor of education lots of expeience with children and volndering have to have great ideas Normal setting The normal setting for a special ed teacher is in the school, in a small classroom or at some one's house if the teacher is home schooling The potential promotions of this career Kinder gration teacher summer school teacher chemisty teacher Vice principal and....much more Personality A sense of humor optimistic sweet pacient up beat team player main skills common sense good manners paticent be a role motel sense of humor fair-minded keep your cool good at explaning things
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