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United Kingdom

No description

caitlyn hesselman

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of United Kingdom

United Kingdom
In 1801, Ireland formally joined the UK.
In 1916 Ireland revolts Against British rule and is semi-independent by 1921.
In 2003 UK joins USA in war against Iraq.
In 2010, Conservative leader David Cameron becomes Prime Minister
The UK is about the same size as Oregon.
Over 63,395,574 live in the UK
Crisps (Chips), Chips (Fries) and Biscuits (cookies) are some foods.
Lots of people come from the UK,
Little Mix!
One Direction
Cher Lloyd
Lots of sports were made in the UK. (Soccer,Tennis,and Boxing.)
Summer isnt very warm (70 or lower) winter is warmer (40 or higher)
Uk is near the Atlantic
It rains a lot in the UK
Big ben is a Bell tower.
The house of Parliament is the where the government is located.
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