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How is Math used in Soccer

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Alyssa Lozano

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of How is Math used in Soccer

Soccer is a game played by two teams of eleven players with a round ball that may not be touched with hands or arms during the game except by the goalkeepers. Soccer is a beautiful game of skill, teamwork and strategy which captivates the attention of many people all across the world. You may think that Math does not have a great deal with soccer but almost every aspect of soccer and other sports uses Math. Geometry for example plays a major role in soccer because it involves shapes, measurements and areas.
In making soccer field, symmetry plays an important role so each half must have identical measurements. Symmetrical field makes the sport fair to all players. The field have minimum and maximum lengths measured in yards or meters and should be rectangle in shape. The soccer field involves other shapes including corner arc, penalty area, goal area, halfway line, centre circle and penalty mark. Soccer definitely involves a lot of shapes and measurements.
Being knowledgeable about angles and measurements will benefit soccer players whether they are defending or attacking. If the players know how to determine angles, it would improve the number of their passes being complete. An attacker would use wider passing angles as opposed to direct route. Passing the ball in wider angles would reduce the chances of the opponent interrupting the ball. But players don’t necessarily need to be good in geometry, but studying the relation of geometry to soccer would take away more error attempts.
It is also important for goalkeepers to know about angles. The goalie relies on the property of angles to know where to stand when defending goals and probability to help him save a penalty kick. Sometimes it’s good to be back a little, up a little closer and sometimes it’s good to stand a little toward the right or left. It’s all about angles and covering their territory.
Soccer players need to be able to visually analyze a situation and instantly see the pattern of steps necessary to achieve a goal. The more experience they are at analyzing a situation, they’ll be able to achieve the goal quicker. For example, acquiring knowledge about solving problems that can be modeled with quadratic function will also help soccer players. This is where Algebra helps.
In summary, soccer uses Math in almost every aspect of the game. It is important to know basic geometry as it utilized team formations and get a better chance of winning. Without learning how the way the ball flies, the way it bounce as it hits the ground, how the curve shot is carried when a certain spin applied to the ball, soccer players would not be able to achieve goals as much as they do now. Also, without their knowledge of line and shapes in soccer, coaches and managers would not be able to accomplish any of their variety of strategies.
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The shape of the ball must be spherical so there would be smooth edges, causes to roll further. Imagine a soccer ball being a cube. If the corner of the cube hits the ground, the force would slow down and not go further. An official soccer ball is consists of 32 panels; 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons. The hexagons and pentagons are important as they fit like a puzzle to form a spherical shape. The lengths of the sides of the hexagons and pentagons are the same. The official soccer ball must have a conference between 27-28 inches.
Music: "I want it that way" by Backstreet Boys
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