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No description

Anna Katherine Massey

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Bubbles

Bubbles Bubble Solutions Bubbles are made with water, soap, and glycerin. Detergent is added because it will form bubbles even in tap water. Tap water contains ions, or atoms that could pervent soap bubble formation.
Glycerin extends the life of a bubble by forming weakening hydrogen bonds with the water, slowing down its evaporation. Bubble Colors When white light reflects off a bubble, colors can be seen.
Color helps people figure out the thickness of a bubble. When the soap film turns black its about to POP! How Do Bubbles Stick together? Bubbles become flexible and can hold
their sphere shape when they attach. If the bubbles are the same size
the attached part or the wall will be flat.
If the bubbles are different sizes the smaller bubble will bulge in to the bigger bubble. The wall between them is usally a 120 degree angle.
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