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Decreasing Mortgage Cover Plan

No description

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of Decreasing Mortgage Cover Plan

Decreasing Mortgage Cover Plan
Our Revolutionary Innovation
Name of the product

Company Background
A global insurance company
Core business segments:
General Insurance
Global Life
Employs around 60,000 people
Serving customers in more than 170 countries
One of Top 10 global insurance companies
The Decreasing Mortgage Cover Plan
Life assurance and Critical illness plan
Designed to protect:
a repayment mortgage or
a loan
Also includes a Payment protection benefit
What this plan offers?

• Provides you with:
– Critical illness cover and,
– Life or earlier critical illness cover
• Optional Payment Protection Benefit:
pays a monthly amount if you can’t work due to long-term illness or injury
Decreasing Mortgage Cover Plan
Type of the product
Life Insurance Policy
Target Market
University Lecturers

Family Income Benefit
Accidental Death and Disability Benefits
Hospitalization Benefit
Family Health Care Benefit
Critical Illness Benefit
Critical Illness Benefit on Spouse & Children
Additional Benefits
Optional Benefits
Total Permanent Disability Benefit:
If you are permanently disabled before the Age of 60
Payment protection benefit
Waiver of payment benefit

Cost and Premium depends on,

Personal circumstances:
like age, health,occupation and
smoking habits
Amount and Type of Cover and,
Optional Benefits chosen
Duration of Cover
Cost of the Plan
Minimum Term : 5 years
Maximum Term up to 40 years
Terminated on the age of 75
Payment protection benefit,
will cease on the plan's anniversary at the age of 65
If No Claims were made,
the plan can be terminated on the term of your choice
Duration of the Plan
“Where Clients Send Their Friends & Family”

Company Background
The Decreasing Mortgage Cover Plan
What it Offers
Additional Benefits
Optional benefits
Cost of the Plan
Duration of the Plan

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